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“I love being alone,” I whispered to the silent room, a mantra to my newfound solitude. I was that girl who had known nothing but loneliness her entire life, a relentless companion that had crept into every corner of my existence. Yet, in a paradoxical twist, I had found comfort in this isolation, a bittersweet solace that came from making peace with my own company.

As I embarked on this introspective journey, my goal in life became clear, inspired by the desire to be a very warm person. I yearned to be as loving and as kind as I could be, not just to others, but first and foremost to myself. It was a transformation that began within, a warming of the soul that radiated outwards to those I touched with my newfound tenderness.

In the midst of my transformation, I sometimes thought, “I wasn’t supposed to be a person; I should be a well-loved mug, a worn paperback book, a favorite hoodie, or a keychain plushie.” These inanimate objects seemed to have a simplicity and ease that I envied, but I realized that I was meant to be a person, a living, breathing, evolving entity. I learned to treasure my humanity, embracing its complexities and imperfections as part of the beautiful mosaic that was me.

The concept of identity had also evolved as I walked the path of self-discovery. I recognized that identity is not a solid piece of concrete but a fluid matter that falls apart and rejoins. It’s a continuous process, a natural evolution that allows new facets to join and old ones to fall away. I vowed never to grip so tightly onto labels that were never meant to define me. Instead, I embraced the idea of putting myself in a field, a vast expanse of possibility, where I could flourish and grow.

In the quiet of my solitude, I allowed my identity to ebb and flow, just as the tides of the ocean do. I found that as the years passed, I continued to evolve, to grow, to shed old skins, and to welcome new beginnings. And through it all, I held on to the warmth of my heart, the kindness I extended to myself, and the profound love I had cultivated.

“I love being alone,” I repeated, but it was no longer a statement born of necessity. It had become an affirmation of choice, a celebration of the strength and wisdom I had gained from my own company. It was in this aloneness that I had found my true self, a person who had transcended the boundaries of loneliness to embrace the boundless possibilities of self-love and self-discovery.

Cami Flores

Augustana '25

I am such a simple person. everyday I wake up, think "no thanks" and then go right back to sleep.