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Christmas is just around the corner, and that means cookie making is as well. Though the holidays are looking a bit different this year, eating sweets is still a necessity. If you don’t want to eat them all by yourself, you can deliver some at your neighbor’s doorstep to spread some Christmas cheer during these difficult times. Need some treat ideas? No worries, here’s a list of ten sweets you can make this holiday season, along with recipes! 

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Number one: frosted sugar cookies

These are classic holiday treats. Shape your cookies into Christmas trees and candy canes. Don’t forget sprinkles!



Number two: thumbprints

Enjoy these short-bread cookies with a frosting or jelly-like filling. They will simply melt in your mouth!



Number three: spritz

There’s something about these cookies that just puts me in the Christmas spirit. While they are simple, spritz cookies are comforting and bursting with flavor.



Number four: Oreo balls

You can’t go wrong with Oreo balls. The combination of cream cheese and Oreos is simply exquisite. An easy, no-bake recipe!



Number five: pinwheel cookies

Not only do these cookies taste great, but they look great too! Enjoy these fancy-looking cookies with your family and/or a nice Christmas movie. Remember to make them colorful!



Number six: peanut blossom cookies

The perfect combination of peanut butter and chocolate is in these scrumptious cookies! Enjoy when warm for best results.



Number seven: gingerbread

If you enjoy stealing the chimney from your gingerbread house to eat, you’re in luck! Enjoy these adorable gingerbread cookies decorated like gingerbread men. 



Number eight: fudge

Do I need to explain why you should eat fudge? 



Number nine: chocolate covered pretzels

Decorating these pretzels with family is a holiday highlight! While these are quite messy to make, they are worth it!



Number ten: pecan tassies

These bite-sized pecan pies are absolutely scrumptious. I should warn you, you won’t be able to stop eating them once you’ve started.


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I hope these ideas have made you as hungry as they made me. Click one (or all) of the links below each description for a fantastic recipe! Enjoy with a cold glass of milk. Happy holidays and stay safe!


Kaitlin Jacobson

Augustana '23

Kaitlin Jacobson is currently a Sophomore at Augustana College majoring in Creative Writing. Along with writing articles for Her Campus, Kaitlin is a Features Reporter in The Observer, the school newspaper at Augustana. She has always had a passion for writing, and also enjoys writing songs and poetry. When not writing, Kaitlin can be found participating in theater and choir, along with various clubs at her school.
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