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They say You find yourself Here. You find Your truth.

The truth? At this point there are So many versions of me All competing for a chance To rear their ugly heads

I am thousands of people Each personality carefully tailored To every person I know Neat little packages ready to be Shipped out.

It was only a couple Years ago When I first stumbled Upon This epiphany This crisis of conscious This undeniable truth

That I have no truth.

The fact that I am  Merely a conglomerate of All the people I know. That I am somehow  Paradoxically  Self-reliant yet Entirely reliant on others.

I first felt it  When I was truly alone I was a stranger to myself. It struck me that I was simply no one When there wasn’t someone For me  To mirror To match.

Because I am So  F*cking Dependent on The validation The appreciation The need for You To like me.

I cannot simply Be I must only Be For the sake  Of others.

So I sit waiting,  Wondering If she’ll ever get a chance To rear her ugly head Me Her I

The piece of me  I’ve never met.

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Ava Benstine

Augustana '25

HI I'm Gracie! I'm a freshman at Augustana College majoring in Environmental Studies and I'm so excited to be a part of Her Campus this year!
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