Summer's Over, Now What?

Oh, how I wish summer was still here! I already miss the nice summer days where you can lie out in the sun and do absolutely nothing. You could sleep in all day and enjoy fun activities like traveling, going to movies, mini golfing, and more with your friends and family. Not to mention how at night you could go outside and not worry about bringing a jacket, or if it would ever get too cold outside to wear shorts and a tank top. Sadly, the seasons change, fall will be with us soon, and we return back to school. What do we do now?

There may not be as many opportunities for certain events like there were in the summer, but there are still festivals that you can go to. The Quad cities have plenty of festivals going on, even though summer is coming to an end. Some include Beaux Arts Fair, Riverssance Festival of Fine Arts, Apple Fest and more. You can visit for more information about the different events going on in the quad cities or look into your own area for any upcoming festivities.

While you may miss summer, don't forget about all of your friends that you missed while you were away. You can catch up with them in a heartbeat- do movie nights together, go out to parties, or even just hang out in a coffee shop. The things you can do with your friends vary from friendship to friendship, but the ideas are endless. I think there is no better thing than spending time with your friends because those are the people who know you the best and are able to pick you back up after you have fallen down from summer blues.

Another thing to think about with the season change are all the holidays that are fast approaching. Soon October will be here, and Halloween will be sprung on us in movies, special events, costumes, and tons of candy. Then a month later we will have Thanksgiving, where we can eat all the turkey, mashed potatoes, and pies that we want. Finally, we end with Christmas and New Year's Eve in December where everyone is celebrating something; be it Santa Claus, the New Year, or another religious acknowledgement. The best part is that you don't need to maintain a summer body! It doesn't matter how much you eat or how you will look in a bikini, because it's too cold for anyone to be in one. You can hide yourself and cuddle up in your fluffiest sweaters for the holidays. 

After all of these events have occurred, you can still look forward to the next year of possibilities, and know that summer will be right around the corner.