So You Wanna Join a Sorority

So You Wanna Join a Sorority

It’s nearing the end of January and if you attend Augustana College then that means we’ve reached rush season. You’ve gone through the speed dating and you’ve been told at least four times a day to “trust the process” and you’re anxiously awaiting to hear back from each group. This relationship has started to get serious. Are you ready to take a chance on a second date? What about the official four year commitment? Trust me, even those of us who put a ring on it for the srat life are wondering still, but the least we can do is help you be a little.

Dress to Impress...

...yourself. Obviously, you wanna look your best, but it’s important to look YOUR best, not the sorority’s best. Whether you show up in a formal dress, black lipstick, or a pantsuit, you should feel comfortable in your outfit of choice, not what you think the girls are looking for.



If there is food. Don’t worry about what you look like or how much you put on your plate, if they offer it go for it.


Don’t buy into the stereotypes.

Of course, each group has a stereotype, but they’re hard to get rid of and were probably established well before you decided to come to Augie. Every group has the best and worst of each type of person, so don’t close the door on a group that you were “warned” of.


Follow your heart, not your friends.

As cheesy as it sounds, it needs to be said. At the end of the day, being Greek is still a community and you will be with them even if you aren’t in the same sisterhood. You will be much happier to find a new family than following them. It'll be an excuse to mingle with other groups at parties or events. Nothing looks better for admissions than two girls in different colored swishies doing the dead arm.

And most importantly, let them know how badly your mouth hurts from smiling and let that RBF shine.