The Signs as the Christmas Nativity

The Nativity is something many people readily associate with the Christmas season. Have you ever wondered what role you may have played in this event? Find out just where you might be according to your zodiac sign!

Pisces + Virgo: Mary + Joseph

The Virgin Mary in her innocence is a total Pisces in this scenario. When asked to carry the baby Jesus, the compassionate and trusting mother of God agrees in order to help out all of human kind. Her spouse Joseph is definitely a Virgo here because he is loyal and understands that Mary isn't just cheating on him— she's doing something bigger than both of them! 


Sagittarius: Angel 

Possessing the same blind optimism as Sags, the angel is eager to share the news of the Christ Child’s birth with all! Traveling from place to place is a breeze for the angel as well.


Cancer: Shepherds 

Like a tender Shepherd, Cancers are known to be great care takers and family people. 


Taurus, Capricorn, Gemini: Three Wisemen

Materialistic Taurus, of course, gifts lil’ Jesus gold. Capricorn gifts frankincense because they are grounded, serious people and frankincense is an earthy perfume associated with safety and comfort.  Geminis are intellectual air signs, so the title wiseman is fitting; however, they can be a little temperamental at times, so myrrh, named for the Arabic word for bitter, is totally appropriate for this shifty sign.  


Libra: Baby Jesus

Libras are all about idealism and careful judgment. Who is more appropriate to take on the role of baby savior than those most concerned with righteousness? 


Aries: King Herod

We know that Aries are born leaders and take this role seriously. Unfortunately, they can also be short tempered and aggressive. When his leadership role was threatened by the Son of God, Herod took things to the extreme, ordering for the execution of all firstborn sons in the tri-state area. Is it unlike an Aries to take things to the extreme? Not particularly… 


Leo: the Star 

Did you really expect anything else? Though technically the star is not the total center of attention in the Nativity, it has an important role in attracting the attention of those paying homage to baby Christ nonetheless. 


Scorpio: the Innkeeper

Sorry Scorpios, but you have a desire for order and an unabashed tendency to speak your minds. The innkeeper, in all his sassiness, does not hesitate in stating the fact that there is no room at the inn. 


Aquarius: God

Aquarians are a stubborn, fixed sign and are all about their own ideas. They're not so much actually God as they think that they are.  To an Aquarius their ideas are the end-all-be-all, so God seems to fit here.