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Shows to Watch if You Need to Procrastinate

Procrastination is an affliction that we all have struggled within our lives at some point. It always rolls around at the worst times, doesn’t it? Finals are coming up, and I know there are many procrastinators out there right wondering what to do. Don’t waste your precious time on endlessly scrolling through Instagram, or asking people to hit you up on Snapchat. If you have already given up on getting actual college work done, then why not do the second-best thing: get way too invested in fictional characters that will make you completely forget about that final project or presentation that you really should be working on.

I have spent endless hours searching, critiquing, and deeply watching the following shows just for you. I had to make sure they were for sure worth your precious time. I also ended up forgetting about a project that was due, but hey—that’s unimportant right now! (Disclaimer: Sarcasm. Don’t do what I did. Watch these shows after you get your work done! You got this!)

Schitt’s Creek

If you haven’t heard of this, I am honestly surprised. Dan Levy is an amazing writer, and you are missing out on his genius if you don’t give this show a try. It’s a comedy that makes you laugh, cringe, and cry, and all the characters are to-die-for (except the mayor…I try hard to like him, but it is just so hard). There are six seasons, so you will be entertained for a good amount of time.

Julie and The Phantoms

Okay, hear me out. This show is aimed at a younger audience, but I still found myself in love with the plot and characters. It’s a show around a high schooler named Julie whose mother recently passed away and she is trying to get back into playing music which was her and her mom’s passion. Then suddenly, three ghost guys from a 90s rock band appear and she is the only one who can see them. They can play together as a band even though the guys are ghosts. Weird premise, yes, but I truly found myself laughing and even crying at this show. It is so wholesome but also deals with a lot of interesting themes that you wouldn’t expect from a youthful show like this. It even has LGBTQ representation, which was awesome to see.

Blood of Zeus

This show might not be appealing to everyone, but if you like drama, fantasy, and Greek mythology, you should watch this show. It’s an animated show, and Netflix considers it an “anime”, but it seems to me (a person with a smidgen of anime experience) a little more geared towards an American audience. But it packs a lot of story and drama into compelling characters and the aesthetic of the show is fabulous. The last two episodes are captivating, and I would even just say watch it for those two episodes. Warning: it is a bit graphic and gory, but what did you expect from the Greek gods? The show follows the story of Heron, one of the many bastard sons of Zeus.

Cable Girls

This show is addicting. I should leave it there. Seriously. This show is full of drama. Some people might call it “soapy”, but I think it is a thrill ride of a show. Affairs, love triangles, murder(?!), and early twentieth-century telephones? What’s not to love? This Spanish drama is set in the 1920-30s follows the journeys of a group of women who work at a telephone company. I highly recommend this show for all the twists that I never saw coming, and hopefully, you won’t either.

The Queen’s Gambit

I left one of the best for last. I never knew how intense chess could be until I watched this show. A strong female lead played by Anya Taylor-Joy takes on the chess world of the mid-1900s in this coming-of-age sort of story. It is a brilliant show where no character is flat and the world feels alive with competition, high stakes, and intrigue. While being undeniably entertaining, the show also takes on serious themes like addiction, the patriarchal binds of the 1900s, and mental health. It is a fabulous show, and you should give it a try.

Yes, all of these shows are on Netflix, and I apologize to those who do not have Netflix. I will do my best to branch out in the future. So, work hard on those final projects, papers, presentations, and tests. Then, when you are finally done you can look forward to sitting down and binge-watching one—or all of these shows.

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