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Seven of Phoebe Buffay’s Greatest Outfits

I am a huge Friends fan; so much so that sometimes I wish I could be part of the gang. My favorite character from the TV show by far is Phoebe Buffay. She is an easy-going, kind-hearted, scatterbrained masseuse by day and rockstar at Central Perk by night (“Smelly Cat” was a hit, and you know it). My favorite thing about Phoebe, however, is her sense of style! Phoebe’s personality is well reflected in her outfits. While I can’t say I’d wear everything Phoebe wears, there are definitely some definitive pieces from her wardrobe I’d like to steal!


1. The mustard yellow dress and corset combo

Phoebe’s New Year’s outfit is giving us serious Renaissance vibes. The mustard dress look great with the corset, and the shape of the dress fits her perfectly!

2. This polka dot number

Phoebe wore this polka dot dress to Carol and Susan’s wedding. Though she had the soul of an old woman inside of her at the moment (I am completely serious), her style didn’t stop. She matched the dress with some white booties and a sequined purse.

3. This floral skirt

I absolutely love this skirt on Phoebe. The colors look beautiful on her, and the simple, matching top along with the strappy sandals make for a gorgeous yet casual complete look.

4. This velvet dress

The black dress and white long-sleeved shirt are a perfect match. This outfit just screams 90s, and I love it. It’s also pretty easy to re-create. All you need is a sleeveless black dress and a white shirt! It’s perfect for fall!

5. This black and maroon combo

Clearly Phoebe is a fan of the layered look. The black overall dress and maroon shirt are a beautiful match. The color combo and the layered articles come together to make a great outfit!

6. This denim and floral duo

Denim goes with just about everything, and Phoebe knows this well. The white shirt and floral skirt look great, and the denim shirt tied up is just the best touch.

7. This maxi dress

This maxi dress is so cute! It has a great fit, and it’s perfect for both casual and special events. The ruffles around the bodice and the long skirt work really well together. Not to mention the navy color and floral patterns suit Phoebe really well.

Sometimes I wish I could be Phoebe Buffay, what with her happy-go-lucky, everything-will-work-out, easygoing attitude and her amazing sense of style. Though I can’t be Phoebe, I can—and always will—admire her and her style.

Ila Mostafa is currently a Neuroscience major and Biology minor at Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois. She enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with her family. She is usually either starting a new story without finishing an older one or studying. Ila hopes to go to graduate school and eventually do research on Parkinson's Disease.
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