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The Raw Poetry of “Milk and Honey” by Rupi Kaur

Stepping into the world as a young woman you will come across many unexplainable feelings in your life while trying to embrace your femininity. Rupi Kaur’s short, sweet and simple poetry in Milk and Honey beautifully showcases the raw emotions that one feels deep in their mind, soul and body. Milk and Honey are split into four sections: The Hurting, The Loving, The Breaking, and The Healing. Each chapter is meant to serve as a different type of pain and hurt that one might feel at some point in their life, while still finding the beauty in each heartache.


The way that Kaur seamlessly placed each word together, created these perfectly untouchable sentences, which unlocked many hidden feelings that I kept locked away deep in the dark corners of my heart. The book truly took my breath away, transporting me back in time to many life lessons that I learned about myself and my body as a woman that I am proud to love and embrace. My overall feelings were all over the place. I think this collection of poems is a force of good and I felt more empowered after reading it. I 100% believe this is a great read that no young woman should ever miss reading in their college years. 


Even though there are four chapters in this book there really are no  distinct divisions between each poem, just as there is no division between author and reader. Instead, the poems may be read as the reader chooses, be that individual works, sort two sentences or long poems. As I mentioned before the poems follow a simple, perhaps too simple format. But I do think there is something to be said about the vividness of Kaur’s youthful point of view and voice. These are poems by a young woman, for young women. If you are someone who enjoys reading poetry like myself or you are someone who is trying to find something that can perfectly express your complicated untranscribable emotions then this is the book for you!


Shubhi Sharma

Augustana '22

Shubhi Sharma is currently a senior at Augustana College. She is majoring in Biology/Pre-dental with the hopes to become an orthodontist or cosmetic dentist. She has a passion for fashion, writing poetry, and painting. If you don't find her studying in the lounge then she's probably watching anime or deciding which luxury brand to buy next. She hopes that by writing about her unique experiences, thoughts, and ideas that others will find it entertaining, encouraging, and most importantly relatable.
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