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[puhl-kri-tood-n-uh s] adjective

1. Beautiful


I gaze, admiring her pulchritudinous face.

First, falling into those dirt-colored eyes,

I catch onto her long lashes, brushing me off,

I fall into her thick pool of honey; drowning.


Then I bounce on her bee-stung lips,

That crimson temptation and source of my life.

The speaker of her truths only.

Delectable cake, strawberry gloss,


Let not her chiseled knife skim me,

Clenching with more definition,

Maybe one prick won’t hinder, 

Caving into sleeping beauty slumber,


Now I uncover the deep slit on her face,

My new obsession,

So beautiful.

girl on computer and facetime
Time Gouw on Unsplash

You have only ever seen yourself in photographs and mirrors. You have never seen the way your smile glows from end to end every time you talk about something you’re so passionate about… or the way that your eyes light up when the sun sets, streaming its colorful lights or when you’re reading that favorite part in your favorite book. So the next time when someone tells you how beautiful you are, don’t shrug it off, don’t question it. Because even though you don’t see it, that’s all they see in you. That’s all they know about you. Your beauty. Your warmth. Believe it.



Shubhi Sharma

Augustana '22

Shubhi Sharma is currently a senior at Augustana College. She is majoring in Biology/Pre-dental with the hopes to become an orthodontist. She has a passion for fashion, writing poetry, and painting. If you don't find her studying in the lounge then she's probably watching anime or deciding which luxury brand to buy at next. She hopes that by writing about her unique experiences, thoughts, and ideas that others will find it entertaining, encouraging, and most importantly relatable.
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