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Pros and Cons of Semester Transition

Most of (if not all) the students and faculty of Augustana College know that the school will be transitioning from trimesters into semesters this fall of 2019. Personally, I am not excited for the change since I have become accustomed to the scheduling for trimesters. During winter break, I began to think about it more and I thought it would be a good idea to give them both a shot. How can I judge harshly of one system when I haven't seen both their benefits and their difficulties? 

Trimesters                                                                                 Semesters

   Pros:                                                                                           Pros:

      *Shorter terms                                                                           *Two finals

      *More mini breaks during the school year                              *More time to go over important materials

      *3-4 classes                                                                                  *Easier for athletes to come home for the breaks

   Cons:                                                                                          Cons:

       *Winter break is in the middle of winter term                         *Longer semester

       *Three finals                                                                                 * 4-6 classes

       *Not on schedule with your semester friends                         *Longer time away from friends & family at home


These and many more are some of the pros and cons of trimesters and semesters. I still enjoy my trimester system, but as the transition takes place, it will be interesting to see how Augustana will adapt to the change. No matter how a system appears to be (good or bad) all we need to do is be open minded about what it can bring. Even if you like one more than the other, at least you (as an Augustana student or faculty member) can say you tried both of them. 

Jessica Manly

Augustana '21

I am passionate about making others happy, problem-solving, and leading others to success with strong communication skills, ambitiously taking the initiative, and am adaptable to new situations. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in English and Communication Studies and Associate's Degrees in Multimedia Journalism and Mass Communication as well as Classical Studies. Life is not always easy, but our perseverance and vulnerability help guide us to success.
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