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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Augustana chapter.

My love overflows. 

There is no containing the beads of emotions determined to one day seep through my skin.

I’m sat here in the darkness 

Sterile walls and busy mind of pillowfill. 

Pillowfill my mind of happier times when the room didn’t feel so cold, so silent.

I long for warming that no amount of blankets will satisfy.  I wish that the space wasn’t so wide a gap between the white wall and my body

Always I would pillowfill the innermost corner, Shielding my eyes from any light, from the world and all its noise.  Pretending it doesn’t exist.

Like I’m pretending now.

Pretending that I feel secure 

That galaxies projected on my wall were real stars I could wish on. Rather than a remote controlled color show

Too perfect, the settings just right 

Pillowfill my space with cozy but never comfort 

Because it’s not the same

                                     I don’t think it ever will be. 

Pillowfill and refill my hope.

Janey Locander is a Junior at Augustana College who is currently studying WGSS, Psychology, and Creative Writing. She has a passion for not only reading and writing, but also photography, volunteering, and squishmallow collecting to name a few. She has worked with many publications and programs across the Quad Cities such as the Midwest Writing Center's YEW internship , Love Girls Magazine, and so much more.