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OVO Artists You Need to Listen To

A while back I wrote a piece ranking Drake’s albums/mixtapes. While I was writing it, I realized that there are a lot more OVO artists under Drake’s umbrella that should be highlighted. If you haven’t heard these artists before, 10/10, would recommend. 

PND’s latest EP release, “Seven Days”


About: I would say PARTYNEXTDOOR is the most popular out of the OVO crew. Party is a rapper, producer, singer and songwriter, single-act.  Party has been featured on a number of Drake tracks, while having Drake featured on some of his own. Party just released a new EP, “Seven Days” and not too long ago released another EP, “Colours 2.” Party’s discography includes two studio albums, “PARTYNEXTDOOR TWO” and “PARTYNEXTDOOR 3”

Favorite/Recommended Tracks: “Recognize” feat. Drake, “Break From Toronto,” “Freak in You” and ‘”Grown Woman.”

Vibe: Party’s overall vibe is R&B. His sound is pretty distinctive, so you would know a Party feature when you hear one. His music will for sure put you in your feels.


Majid Jordan’s latest pre-release, “The Space Between”

Majid Jordan

About: Majid Jordan is a duo comprised of Maid Al Masakati and Jordan Ullman. Majid Jordan was most famously known from their feature on Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home” from NWTS. Since then, Majid Jordan has released on self-titled studio album, “Majid Jordan” and will soon be releasing “The Space Between” on October 27, 2017. Majid Jordan began with their EP, “A Place Like This,” which established their alternative R&B sound. Majid Jordan has collabed with others in the OVO crew like Party, dvsn, and of course, Drake.

Favorite/Recommended Tracks: “Her,” “The One I Want” (feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR) and “Make It Work” 

Vibe: Like I said before, Majid Jordan has this alternative R&B sound, a smooth mix of techno and 808s.


dvsn’s latest release, “The Morning After”


About: Another duo comprised of producer Nineteen85 (producer) and Daniel Daley, vocalist. dvsn debuted with their first studio album, “Sept 5th” in 2016. Like the rest of the OVO crew, dvsn has collaborated with Drake and Party. dvsn JUST released “The Morning After,” — check it out!!

Favorite/Recommended Tracks: “With Me, “Hallucinations,” “Think About Me,” and “Do It Well”

Vibe: dvsn’s like an 90s R&B that was ahead of its time. Their lyrics are sophistically sensual; intimate, yet removed. 



Roy Wood’s latest single, “What Are You On?”

Roy Woods

About: Along with Party, Roy Woods is another well-known OVO artist. His project with Drake, “Drama” is arguably his most popular song. Roy Woods is also in the R&B sphere, but hasn’t collaborated as much within the OVO crew as other OVO artists have. Most recently, Roy Woods ventured out of the OVO grounds and featured MadeinTYO on their song “Instinct.” Keeping with the soft, OVO R&B vibe, this song grew pretty popular in the last year, gaining traction for both artists’ work. 

Favorite/Recommended Tracks: “Drama” (feat. Drake), “How I Feel,” “Instinct” (feat. MadeinTYO) and “Down Girl”

Vibe: Roy Woods is chillin’ in your room on a Saturday. His beats are laid back and comfortable. Like a nice velvet chair. 



Note–Baka Not Nice is an up and coming OVO artist. He was featured on Drake’s “More Life” album. Check out his single, “Live Up To My Name” if you’re looking for something a little more upbeat and trappy than your average OVO artist. He’s like the OVO Lil Uzi.

Lu is a senior at Augustana College majoring in Graphic Design. She is a Co-Editor in Chief of the Augustana Observer and a Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at Augustana.
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