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This article is for women. So if you are not a woman, keep scrolling my friend. Okay, now that all the men are gone… Women, don’t you just love that feeling of confidence you get when you get a cute new pair of undies or set of lingerie! I know you know what I mean… and if you don’t let me explain. 

We grew up in a world that made it seem like it was inappropriate for women to be confident in their own bodies. That they are only viewed as sexual objects, rather than the subjects. But, the truth is, times are changing. Women are taking control of their sexuality and embracing it rather than being afraid or ashamed. The best example I can provide of this is Meg thee Stallion’s WAP. When rapping about wet a$$ p*ssy, Meg uses her femininity and sexuality to her advantage. Something men and male rappers have been doing forever. 

Six years ago, I remember swearing that I would never take naked photos of myself. Through what was learned at school (mostly in terms of sexual predators and internet safety) made taking nudes to seem dishonorable, illegal, and wrong. But, when you are of age? Try it out. I want to emphasize that I am in no way encouraging anyone to send their photos in any way shape or form. 

However, there is nothing wrong with simply taking the photo. I already have a pretty good level of confidence. However, after putting on a new set and taking some photos, my confidence skyrocketed. I looked in the mirror and thought “Wow, that’s my ass?!” I want to encourage all women to take that photo and just fall in love with your own body again. Taking nudes can be empowering and an opportunity for you to learn to love yourself and your body.  

After talking to multiple friends and mentors, here is what they have to say about how taking nudes impacted them. All of the included quotes are age 20+. 


“The key to my confidence is accepting my body. As crazy as it sounds, taking nudes forces me to see myself as I am; I have to see the good and the bad and I do not even have to love it, I just accept it.”


“Growing up in a fat body always felt shameful, and some days it still does. You’re not what society deems sexy, or worthy of being attracted to. Taking nudes helped me fall in love with the curves I had in the acceptable places, and once you like one part of your body it’s easier to accept all of it.”


“All bodies are beautiful and when women start focusing more on how they feel as opposed to what others think, we begin changing the narrative around societal norms of ‘what is beautiful.’ That is what gives us power, confidence and allows us to take back control over our own bodies.”  


“Taking nude pictures is a way of owning your body and your sexuality. In that moment you are in charge of how the picture is taken and how you are making your body look and in that moment, you are doing it for you to feel sexy. It’s a form of empowerment.”


“We are our own worst critics. We have to stop being so hard on ourselves and start seeing the beautiful woman that everyone around us sees.” 


“I don’t take nude photos often but when I do I usually save one in a secure folder where I think “wow I look GOOD!” Because that’s just not always on my mind so it’s a nice reminder when I see them again. As with most women-shaming, I can’t understand anyone on the side of “women taking nudes are bad” because it’s literally just a picture of me. A selfie. Most people love to have their picture taken. People take pictures of themself a the gym. On the beach. We usually applaud those confidence boosters, so I don’t get why an absence of clothes suddenly makes it so wrong. This is my body; The only thing I’m guaranteed in this world is that this will always be mine and not anyone else’s. So yeah I’m gonna look at my naked body. And you should too. Because you’re hot!” 


“I feel the hottest ever when I take nudes. It’s a major confidence boost. I don’t even send them, I just like to look at myself.” 


“I feel like when we send nudes to other people it’s to show them how worthy of attention we are and how lucky they are to get even just a picture of our magnificence. Simultaneously, we get to remind ourselves just how amazing we are and what a privilege others have to be in our presence.”


“Women should be empowered by their own bodies. No matter the size, color, shape, the female body is beautiful and powerful. The notion that there is one type of body that is considered beautiful, or there are certain things a girl should have so that their body is valuable/considered pretty is such a pile of incredible bullsh*t. Getting comfortable in your own skin is happiness. Getting to know your body through nudes is natural and good. No one should shame anyone for ways someone might achieve feeling beautiful.”


“Taking nudes makes me feel powerful and sexy like god is a f***ing woman. WE are grand beings and our natural state shows that.”


“When I’m either feeling really good about my body or maybe ever really self-conscious, taking a mirror selfie of myself nude boosts my confidence, and it’s more for me than anyone else. It reminds me that this is my body and I’m so lucky to be in it.”


“I feel like taking nudes lets you see your body like the world sees it, like someone you love sees it, like someone who is attracted to you sees it. And when you’re stuck in the rut of things you don’t like about your body, being able to step back and see the big picture of all of the things that make you beautiful working together, that’s a really amazing thing.”


“One of the most important aspects of one’s personal life is to feel confident and content with themselves, regardless of what standpoint that may be from. Taking nude photos boosts self-confidence.”


“Sometimes it’s hard to be body positive in a world where there are such strict standards of beauty. Being able to feel good about how your body looks and being confident enough to capture those moments is truly amazing.”


Michelle Quinn

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