Lil Dicky: A Genius?

Celebrities have been known for being able to have an impact for change. Lil Dicky is using his platform for exactly that. His new song “Earth” has an incredible music video that goes along with it. He creates a space for creative work and the impacts of pollution and global warming to come together. His new song explains the impact that global warming is having on our Earth, with an added side of humor.



I think that this is such an incredible way for an artist to use his fame to help rather than hurt. He states in his new song that all proceeds will be going to helping to improve the earth.  The video was released on April 18th and already has 61 million views. Artists like him have a very big impact on the impressionable kids that watch his videos. This message that he is endorsing is very different from the normal highly sex- and drug-driven hip hop artists. His younger viewers are being sent a message about saving the planet they live on. This is so important to put out impactful messages to impressionable viewers. Younger generations need to care about global issues that they will soon have to face in their adulthood.


This song brings awareness to helping the environment in a way that I have never seen before. It is not only comical, clever, and catchy but it is incredibly moving. He has made the song relate able and not filled with jargon that is hard to understand. The simplistic way that he presents his ideas on climate change is brilliant. I hope that more artists can bring awareness to different world problems that they feel are important to them in the same ways.