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Kick Out the Stress

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By: Hannah Alvarez

What is one thing everyone struggles with? Organization, time management? If you are thinking stress you are probably right. This is not an uncommon feeling among people, but some people can handle it better than others and this article, I hope, can help the people that struggle with it more. 

I, myself, struggle with stress and not being able to let it control my life is not an easy not task. Though it is not easy, I have come up with a couple of solutions to help me and maybe it can help you as well. 

  • Listening to Music- If you have tried this and it works for you you are not alone. I personally love listening to music when I have unwanted stress I want to get rid of.  When I am feeling overly stressed I put on my headphones and listen to music. Along with listening to music, you can listen to music and start doing something else. Some of these things might be cleaning, driving, eating, etc. I, myself, usually clean if I want to do something else but sometimes I just choose to listen to music and lay in my bed. If you have not tried it yet, I highly recommend it.  
  • Being active- This is another way to really relieve stress. Mentioned in the first suggestion, you can listen to music while doing something else and this suggestion is a great something else.Being active doesn’t just mean going to the gym,but you can do anything that honestly just gets you moving. When I feel like being active, I usually go to the gym, but there have been many times when I choose to just walk outside. When you lower your stress levels, by burning off steam when you are done you honestly feel accomplished. If you have not tried this, I would recommend it. 
  • Sleeping-This may seem like a common sense option, but sleep does help. Sleeping lets your body reset, so it can take away some of the unwanted stress. Stress could also be making you tired and when you are tired you need energy. When it comes to me, I probably do this the most. I don’t know what it is but taking naps and getting to bed early really does help me. Since everyone sleeps, I don’t think anyone has not tried it, but if you have unwanted stress and go to sleep think about how you feel after you wake up.  

These suggestions are just a few of the things I do to help combat my unwanted stress. It may not be easy especially if you are letting all this stress build up and then you just let it out, but if you notice some unwanted stress early on and stop it it can help you feel better. Feeling good is what everyone wants in the end. 

Hello everyone my name is Hannah Alvarez and I am a sophomore. I am currently double majoring in Psychology and Environmental Studies, but I may add on a minor. On campus I am involved in ESA(Epsilon Sigma Alpha) and also apart of the Phi Rho Sorority. I am from a sub-burb just 45 min south of Denver, Colorado called Castle Rock and form being being from Colorado I also just love the outdoors. I just like an hour away from the mountains so in the summer of love hiking, going on bike rides, driving up to the mountain towns and hanging out with people. I am also very adventurous so white-water rafting and activity's like that excite me. In the winter, I try to get up to the mountains as much as possible and enjoy the winter activity's that the mountains have to offer.