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It’s Time to Talk about Gun Control

Whenever there is a massive act of gun violence in the United States, it reopens the doors on the controversy of the Second Amendment. Many citizens demand stricter gun control laws, while others scramble to purchase new weapons. In the midst of this controversy, others suggest that using a tragedy as political fuel is disrespectful to the victims of the event. Certainly, these discussions don’t intend to discount the tragedy of innocent people who were injured and killed, but some people believe that arguing over a polarizing issue such as gun control distracts from the event that took place. But if we do not have a discussion on gun control when it is most relevant, when will we?  



Many college students were born between 1995 and 1999, which means that they have lived to see 4 of the worst mass shootings in United States history. In 2012, twenty-seven people, many who were children, were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Thirty-two people were killed at Virginia Tech in 2007, and nearly fifty people were killed in Pulse Nightclub just last year. Only two weeks ago, a gunman in Las Vegas killed fifty-eight people and injured hundreds of others, causing the deadliest mass shooting to date. On all these occasions, the public has cried for Congress or the President to evaluate our gun control policies, yet change has still not happened. Many politicians and supporters of the Second Amendment argue that the deaths that have occurred in these tragic shootings should be respected rather than used as political fuel. But Americans are no stranger to rallying around a tragic event for a political agenda.  

It seems that people are only outraged over tragedies being politicized when the tragedy in question involves a gun being used. When mass shootings happen, those who are against stricter gun control laws object to a discussion. But when an attack on American citizens is committed in any other fashion, the government is quick to take action. After the tragic attacks of 9/11, airspace was cleared in the entire country for up to four days. After only a few months, airport security laws were strict, uniform, and carried out in every United States airport. So why does the government refuse to consider gun control reform when mass shootings occur?

Constitutional amendments have been repealed or changed in the past, and they can be changed again. Public outcry on social media is not enough- in order for the government to consider a change in policy, we need to let them know how we feel. If you feel strongly about gun control, call your senators and representatives. Email them to let them know how you feel. Do not let this tragedy pass like the rest, without a serious discussion about the future. Many people were killed in the attack on Las Vegas, and people are killed by gun violence each an every day in the United states. It’s time to talk about gun control.


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