I Found the Best Deals on Nasty Gal For You



I’ve always been really curious about Nasty Gal, an online retail store that I have heard all about on Instagram. Ever since I heard about Nasty Gal, I have been curious about what kinds of clothes they carry and at what prices. I consider their normal prices to be a bit pricey, but their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are up, so it’s a great time to get some great deals. Here are some of the cutest pieces at their cheapest prices on the website.

Tee BT Belted Midi Dress, $16.00 (originally $40.00) ​

 This dress is perfect for parties around this time of year. The length and fit make it flattering for all body types. It's also black, so it works for every occasion. It's also a good transition piece as the weather we're having is pretty up and down. 

Flip Em Off Mini Dress, $11.00 (originally $30.00)

If you’re looking for the perfect LBD for holiday parties, nights out, or trips to the grocery store (hey, we don’t judge), this dress is it! It’s super cute and can have layers added to it to make it a little more weather friendly.


We’re in Business Oversized Blazer, $39.00 (originally $110.00)

This blazer makes a statement! It’s the perfect piece to spice up a neutral outfit. It’s bright pink and oversized, so it’ll be comfortable while still giving your look an edge, not to mention the deal is to die for!

Bad Motor Faux Leather Moto Jacket, $44.00 (originally $110.00)

Every closet needs a staple leather jacket. It’s a great piece to go with every dress, top, and skirt. Leather jackets can be pretty expensive, and this one is no different; that’s why $44.00 is a total steal!

Call Knit a Day Oversized Sweater, $16.00 ($40.00)

With the weather getting colder, you’re going to want to reach for sweaters more and more. This sweater is a great neutral color, so you can wear it with any other color, and you can tuck it into jeans or a skirt!

Ready to Work It Zip Boilersuit, $35.00 ($100.00)

This is the first time I have seen this type of jumpsuit before! I think these are so cool, and I love the hardware on it. The grunge vibes this outfit gives out is so fun, and it’s such a unique piece to wear!

I Got Trouble Distressed Mom Jeans, $24.00 (originally $60.00)

These jeans are a great price! Mom jeans are super comfortable, and the distressed design gives them a little more edge. Jeans are a great staple piece in all closets, so when they are this cheap, it’s great to grab a pair. 

Yeah Stripe Relaxed Shirt, $14.40 (originally $36.00)

I love a good striped shirt, and this one is so cute! I love the different colors and how bright they are. I think the retro-chic style is coming back into fashion, and this is a great representation of it. It’ll look great with jeans or a solid colored skirt or pair of pants. 

Linen Up Button-Down Jumpsuit, $21.00 (originally $70.00)

Jumpsuits are such an easy outfit, and this one can be layered with a shirt or a turtleneck. The orange color goes perfectly with this time of year, and the fabric is very comfortable to wear. 

It’s Spot Over Satin Midi Skirt, $24.00 (originally $60.00)

I love skirts, and I think they look great with a pair of tights and a pair of boots. This satin midi skirt is perfect to pair with a sweater or a top. Midi skirts are also super flattering on all body types and can be paired with lots of different shoes. 

Nasty Gal is a great site if you’re looking for chic, in-style pieces. Normally, Nasty Gal prices are pretty high, but right now, the Black Friday sales look great! Make sure to peruse the site to get some of these great deals!