How I Survived My First Semester of College

The summer before I started my freshman year of college was full of expectations on how life would be once I made it to university. While my mind was thinking it would be something out of the movies, I didn’t expect to be met with pressures both socially and academically. High school to college is a huge transition for anyone to make. Here are some tips for how I made my first semester more manageable and a whole lot of fun. 


I Got Out of My Comfort Zone

College is a great opportunity to try things you didn’t think of trying while in high school. The best way I found myself meeting new people and expanding my horizon was through joining clubs. Whatever university you end up going to is bound to have a lot more clubs than what was offered in high school, so take advantage of it! I was never truly interested in extracurriculars because I felt like there weren't any clubs that sparked my interest in high school. I went into college with an open mind and it has made all the difference. 


I Learned how to Time-Manage

One of the most important skills I’ve learned in my time at college is how to manage my time effectively. While there are not as many classes you take in one semester like in high school, there’s a lot more work you are expected to complete. Google Calendar became my best friend as soon as I realized that I needed to schedule out my time. Keeping track of classes, clubs, and school events made life a lot easier. 

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I Met a Great Group of Friends

My mom always told me about when I made it to college that I was going to meet friends who would be around for a lifetime. Like moms always are, I feel like she was right. I didn’t meet my friends automatically at the start. It took some time for me to put myself out there to find them but they were definitely worth the wait. I met an amazing group of girls who I now feel comfortable being my true self with. They’re always there to make me laugh and to be a shoulder to cry on. Having a support system at college makes life a whole lot better. 


I Kept Close Contact with Home

Even though I’m two and a half hours away from my hometown, I didn’t abandon the relationships I made while I was there. In the first few weeks of college, I was feeling homesick more than I like to admit. Calling my family every once in a while was one of the ways I was able to overcome the initial yearning for home. I also didn’t forget about my friendships back home too. I was just as invested in their lives as they were about mine. Facetime and texting are essential to keep up to date with your friends from your hometown. 


I Became More Spontaneous 

Before college, I was the type of person who needed to plan every social outing I had. Now I’m the type of person to randomly pop in my friends’ dorms any time of the day to hang out. The best memories come from having good times with friends that aren’t planned out. College goes by fast so don’t miss out on a moment.