How to Beat a Creative Block

Rethink your goals

Sometimes, the reason we can not reach our goals is because we are focusing our energy on the wrong things. Instead of becoming frustrated with what you can not achieve, it is worth reconsidering what you are currently capable of and creating a more practical goal. Are you setting a goal that is true to the life you want to be living? Or are you setting a goal because you think it’s what you should be doing? Some of us aim too high and feel disappointed when we fall short; others don’t believe in themselves enough to explore and harness their talents. Regardless of where you stand on this spectrum, there is no harm in questioning where your focus lies.


Take a look at your environment

Environment is everything. The space we occupy is precious and affects us on a deep level. Take a look at the space you inhabit and question if it creates an atmosphere that evokes feelings of comfort, creativity, safety, warmth, and productivity. Does your space enhance your life? A toxic environment is not only physically toxic in and of itself, but its toxicity influences the course of your day, perhaps even your life. Clean, repaint, rearrange...take steps to revitalize your surroundings so that this revitalized energy redirects itself into you.

Pay attention to the way you speak

Negative self-talk is a guaranteed method to succeed in the art of self-sabotage. The way you talk about yourself, especially in regards to your strengths and weaknesses, reflects itself in how you execute your creative endeavors. Sometimes self-criticism can be constructive, but more often than not, negative self-talk discourages a person from embracing their talents. Be gentle in how you speak and think about yourself; no one is perfect. Weaknesses and obstacles can be framed as just that, or they can be seen as an opportunity for growth. You get to decide whether you hold yourself back or not.