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It’s homecoming week. For Freshman, that means getting the college experience by attending the events put on by the Office of Student Life: watching the cardboard regatta race, games, participating in the talent show and watching Sing and Yell, getting a taste of what joining a group on campus might entail. 

For Sophomores, specifically in greek life, this means they are getting their first chance to perform with their greek groups. Due to the pandemic, this is also the Juniors first time being able to perform with their groups. But for the Seniors, this is our last. 

Our last homecoming week, last time getting on that stage singing and dancing about our school, last time competing in yell, last homecoming game. While the days feel like they are going by slow, the school year is flying by. As a senior, I feel like I cannot stress enough the importance of taking in every possible moment and opportunity. 

These are our last few months being surrounded by our friends who are just minutes away. Don’t waste the only time we have left sitting in your room moping. Take advantage of these moments because as they told us before we came here. ‘College is the best, most defining four years of your life.’ 

I have to remind myself to not get stuck in the past, to not fear or worry about the future, and to simply be in the moment, the present. I remember Senior year of high school I was so scared about the future that I spent the entire year worrying about it. Not this time. Senior year is going to be a celebration, and definitely a year to remember. 

So I have two messages: For the Seniors, this is your last chance. Have fun, participate, and celebrate the amazing people around you who have helped shape you into the person you have become. Our lasts are hard. I personally am not ready to let go of all of this. I don’t want to say goodbye to my friends, my profs, my life here at Augie. But, it’s becoming that time so we need to cherish the memories we have and make more before our time is up. And for everyone else, it truly goes by fast. There are days when you might think it’s not worth the degree, but I promise you it is. Build a strong support system.

The friends and professors I have met at Augustana College have not only had a huge impact on my college experience, but they have had a huge impact on who I am today. According to a 2018 study done by Elon University, there are “similar links between the number of strong friendships students had in college and their perception of the experience. Those with more than 10 close friends said the college experience was “very rewarding” (75 percent) while 25 percent of those with no close friends reported that the college experience was “very rewarding.”

So don’t just take my word for it: “The more close friends graduates reported, the more likely they were to say that the money and time spent and the benefits they received from college were worth the investment,” (Elon University). Make your time here worth the investment! 

These are the friends who will be lifelong. These are the times we are going to look back at and laugh. So let’s do so with no regrets! Go to that football game, participate in on campus events, join a club, make friends! Give yourself the college experience that you deserve. So when your lasts come around, maybe, just maybe you will be ready to let go. 

Michelle Quinn

Augustana '22

Hi! I am a Senior at Augustana College studying MJMC and Comm. On campus I am involved with a broadcasting for the Augustana Observer, Cheerleading, and The Phi Rho Sorority. My passions include writing, baking, and smashbooking! If I'm not working, studying, cheering, or writing you can find me in my dorm obsessively smashbooking. For those of you who do not know what that is, it is like 3D scrap booking. My goal in life is to be a TV show host much like Ellen or Oprah! Stay Tuned & Happy Reading!
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