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Right at the heart of town,

the circus had gathered all.

It had dancers, clowns, magicians, and more.

All capturing the eyes and hearts

of young schoolchildren. I was twelve.


I dreamt of being whisked away

to a life of glamour, smiles, freedom, and play.

The older children were all in a row

for the ringmaster to size them up.

The possibilities were endless for all of the

grown-up kids. I was twelve. 


We would travel by caravan, town to town.

People are gathering, shouting our names out.

It is a performance no one will ever forget.

The glitz and glam is a new sight to see. 

I would dance the night away, filled with joy,

for all to see. I was twelve.


"Ina!" my mother shouted. "Come here!"

I sighed, turning away from the ruckus ahead,

and instead went to do the job I had.

A dancer walked past me, covered in jewels aplenty.

She gave me a smile and a wave

before walking into her tent. I was twelve. 



Quinn Fabish

Augustana '23

Quinn is a sophomore at Augustana College. Her major is History on the Pre-Law track, and her minors are Art and German.
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