Girl of the Week: Brianna Hanes

Our new ongoing series on this site is Girl of the Week. We want to highlight our executive board members and all the great work they do for our chapter! This week, we interviewed marketing director Brianna Hanes to ask her about her Her Campus involvement at Augustana. Thank you so much, Brianna, for being a part of our series!

Her Campus Position?

I have been involved with Her Campus since the chapter formed here at Augustana about a year and a half ago. I have been lucky enough to be one of the marketing directors since the start of my involvement. This position has a special place in my heart because it not only relates to what I want to do in my future, but allows me to work with wonderful women all working towards the same goals.

Other campus involvement?

I am also involved in the Advertising Developers Club, the OSL Tech Team, and I am one of the recruitment chairs this year for Zeta Phi Kappa. 

What led you to Her Campus?

I joined Her Campus not only because I love reading the interesting articles but because it allows women to have a voice and speak the truth about what is going on around us. It allows women to have a platform to voice our opinions, take control of our own lives, and show the world that we want to make a change in society. Having a place, an office, here on campus that we can use to do just that makes me incredibly happy. I may not be a writer, but I love reading what our members have to say--from serious topics to topics like which bathroom to take a selfie in! I wanted to have a guiding hand in forming a chapter here at Augie, and I have enjoyed watching it grow into the chapter it is now. 

What can Her Campus do for Augie?

Since we are such a new group on campus, I believe that we are bringing a new perspective for students. We put on events, write interesting articles, respond to current issues, and ultimately support each other throughout the entire process. The #MeToo Brew tabling that our chapter created made my heart incredibly happy because it proves that student groups can shed light on current issues and start a conversation here at Augie. Once our group comes to full force, I believe we can accomplish some more pretty great things in the years to come.

Favorite part of Her Campus?

I've said this before, but I'll say it again, Her Campus provides an amazing platform for women to address what they are truly passionate about. Regardless of what that may be, we all hype each other up and promote each other's work any way we can. 

What should people know about Her Campus? 

I think one of the most important parts about Her Campus is that it is not exclusive to women. We accept male members who are just as passionate about these issues as we are. We've seen growing support from everyone on campus, faculty too, and it is great to see the many faces supporting what we are doing in this group.