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Freshman Dorms at Augustana College

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Augustana chapter.

By:Hannah Alvarez

When it comes to Augustana College you may or may not have heard either good or bad things. Now this just comes with the school, but one thing that is debated constantly is housing, especially freshman housing. On Augustana’s Campus there are three dorms. Westerlin, Andreen and Seminary. 

Westerlin: Westerlin is by far one of the best freshman dorms to get. Not only does it have the on-campus market it also holds one of the three gyms on campus. Westerlin in itself holds three wings. W wing which is the Westerlin wing. I wing which is the Immanuel wing and J wing which is the Jenny Lind wing. I am a little biased about J wing because I lived there and there was also an elevator. This is honestly the most sought out dorm and it is the one that holds a majority of the freshman class, but sometimes they can place you in the other two dorms. 

Andreen: Though it is known on campus as dirty-dreen, it is honestly not that bad.During my freshman year here at Augustana I did have a couple of friends that lived in Andreen, so I was at the dorm often. There is something about it that just screams unique. It might be because all the beds are already lofted or the closets are special, but Andreen is super close to campus so if you are rushing to get to class Andreen might be suitable. Andreen also has multiple lounges. One in the basement and also one on the main level which is different from Westerlin because they only have one. 

Seminary: Now this is the one dorm that probably holds the least amount of students and the rooms are actually unique. This is because both Westerlin and Andreen have two people in a room, but Seminary holds 3. Seminary holds about 80 students.    

Overall the freshman dorms aren’t that bad. All the dorms tend to have more pros than cons, but with everything else on campus the haters are just gonna hate. This just tends to happen both on and off campus.

Hello everyone my name is Hannah Alvarez and I am a sophomore. I am currently double majoring in Psychology and Environmental Studies, but I may add on a minor. On campus I am involved in ESA(Epsilon Sigma Alpha) and also apart of the Phi Rho Sorority. I am from a sub-burb just 45 min south of Denver, Colorado called Castle Rock and form being being from Colorado I also just love the outdoors. I just like an hour away from the mountains so in the summer of love hiking, going on bike rides, driving up to the mountain towns and hanging out with people. I am also very adventurous so white-water rafting and activity's like that excite me. In the winter, I try to get up to the mountains as much as possible and enjoy the winter activity's that the mountains have to offer.