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Five Online Makeup Brands You Should Check Out

If you’re anything like me, the end of the school year marks a huge online shopping splurge. Maybe it comes with the satisfaction of throwing all of the old crap away as I clean out my room, or perhaps it’s a subconscious desire to reward myself for getting through finals. Either way, I’ve been on the hunt to find something cute to wear this summer these past few weeks, and while I’ve browsed many fashion websites, I find myself continuously coming back to makeup.

It probably comes as no surprise. Now, more than ever, makeup is a booming creative industry, inspiring hundreds of artists to create and market their own brands. It feels as though new products are being created every week, and it’s become a pastime of mine to try and stay on top of what’s new. And I’ve discovered that, whether focused on fair prices, quality colors, or unique products, many of the innovators of the industry are established and flourishing online. And so, I thought I would share a list of some of my favorite online sites that I’ve been obsessed with exploring.


1. Colourpop

I might be just slightly biased as Colourpop makes up at least a third of my makeup collection, but this online brand is crazy awesome and crazy cheap. With liquid lipsticks starting at about five dollars, high-quality concealer in thirty shades at six dollars, and a consistent variety of sales and discounts, this website is a dream come true.

Try: The Creme Lux Lipstick in the shade “LA Lady”, the Super Shock Highlighter in “Lunchmoney”, and any of their No-Filter Concealers.


2. Beauty Bakerie

This black-owned company products are so cute you just want to gobble them up! No, seriously; this beauty brand prides itself on its clever, bakery-inspired products. From “Cake Mix” foundation to delicious-smelling “Lip Whips”, there’s always something new to try! And it’s all cruelty-free!

Try: The Flour Setting Powder in “Translucent”, “Yellow”, “Pink”, or “Brown”; the Coffee and Cocoa Bronzer Palette; and the Sugar Lip Scrub

3. Morphe

Of all the brands on this little list of mine, Morphe is perhaps the most infamous. And, as it stands, Morphe is actually pretty incredible for providing massive top-quality products at half the expected selling price. From incredible 35-eyeshadow palettes to high-quality brush sets, it’s no wonder it’s the talk of the online makeup community!

Try: Any of their 35-Shade eyeshadow palettes, any of their brushes, and their Deysi Danger Highlight Palette.  


4. Melt Cosmetics

This brand’s still a bit unknown, but if you’re a lipstick enthusiast like myself, you’re going to love browsing through Melt’s online catalog. While their collection is small, it’s beautiful and highly-pigmented, with some of the most beautiful and unconventional lipstick colors I’ve ever seen! If you wanna spice up your lip color or try a new and upcoming brand, come browse for yourself!

Try: The Unconventional Noods lipstick collection, any of their new Blushlight products, and their beautifully pigmented eye pencils.


5. Besame

If you’re a fan of retro looks, makeup history, or just wanna try something a little new and unique, this is most definitely the brand for you. Inspired by classic colors and vintage makeup, shopping here is like stepping into a time machine. From bullets upon bullets of red lipstick to beautiful cream rouge, there are tons of fun things to explore and test out.

Try: The Long Hair Finishing Powder Brush, the 1920s-inspired Black Cake Mascara, and any of their lipsticks (each a recreation of actual classic lipstick shade produced between 1920 and 1960).



Katie Kleve is a sophomore at Augustana College studying English-Writing and Theater Arts. She has a fondness for birds, musicals, and media production, and spends her free time hanging out in the Theater and watching Gilmore Girls.
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