Five (Fun) Ways To Prepare For Finals Week

  As we enter into week eight, it’s time to face the reality of the tons of homework, group projects, and tests we’ve been assigned for the last few weeks. While finals are already stressful, the weeks leading up to finals can be just as stressful. However, preparing for finals doesn't just mean cleaning your desk and making flashcards. So, here are five fun things you can do to prepare for finals week.    

1. Decorate Your Planner and Calendar

If you haven’t put your calendar and planner to use before now, you should probably do so for finals week. However, organizing your planner doesn't have to be writing down basic bullet points. You can use colorful gel pens, cheap stickers, sticky notes, highlighters, and any other fun art supply you can think of to make your finals plans colorful and easy to read. Plus, organizing your schedule gives you a sense of accomplishment that will boost your confidence as you enter into finals.

2. Create A Good Study Playlist

    The good majority of us listen to music while working on homework, so creating a study playlist to listen to during finals is a good way to prepare for those all-nighters and long stints of paper writing. Classical music, jazz, and acoustic folk are all good genres to listen to while working on homework, so choose what you want to listen to and play it during finals to make studying a little easier.

3. Buy Some Cool Study Supplies

    As weird as it sounds, shopping for school supplies can be fun. If you have the time and money, order yourself some fancy new felt-tip markers, some cute post-it notes, and even some colored index cards. There are all sorts of colorful and unique school supplies online, so go shopping and find some cool things to add to your pencil case.

4. Go Out And Get Some Study “Supplies”

    Chances are you’re going to be staying up super late working, so before you’re too busy to go out, head over to the store and get yourself some items to make studying a little easier on yourself. Get a new pair of socks; some comfy sweats; a scrunchie to tie up your hair out of your face; some dark chocolate; popcorn; almonds; etc. Whatever you need to get yourself through the week, stock up and treat yourself to an easy study session.

5. Plan Something Cool for Fall Break

    Sometimes the best way to get through a difficult week is to have something to look forward to at the end of the week. So reward yourself with something fun over break. Whether it’s a trip downtown to Chicago or a late-night movie marathon with your friends from back home, give yourself something to look forward to as you work through finals week. After all, you deserve it.