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Five cool-girl fashions pieces I want to try out


     I am not a fashionista. My outfits can usually be placed in one of three categories: casual, cute, and pajamas (and yes, I spend most of my time in pajamas). That doesn’t mean, however, that I am not interested in fashion. When I see fashion pieces or accessories that really stand out to me, I always think, “when would I wear that?” or “that wouldn’t look good on me.” So, I live out my dreams through Pinterest and Instagram.

     I love browsing the two sites and looking at what outfits people are putting together or how they’ve styled certain pieces; and through my browsing adventures, I have found some really amazing fashion pieces that I would love to try out!

1.Tiny backpacks

I have seen these tiny backpacks everywhere for the past year, and I really want one. When I first saw them, I thought it would be weird to have a backpack on all the time, but now that I am a college student, I have come to realize that backpacks have so many benefits! There are so many cute designs of these tiny backpacks, and it would be so nice to be hands free when running errands or enjoying a day out! 

2. Embroidered heels

I don’t wear heels that often, and when I do wear them, my feet begin to hurt pretty quickly. Despite the trouble heels give me, I still find myself going back to them every time. I love the ankle clasp and thicker heel on these shoes, but the best part is definitely the embroidery. There are only so many designs for shoes, especially heels, but the embroidery makes these heels more special. It might seem as if the embroidery would throw off an outfit, but I think it could take a casual jeans and top look to a whole new level. 

3. Incredibly wide-legged pants

I love the wide-legged pants look, especially with a crop top. A tight-fitting crop top and a wide legged pant are complete opposites, but they work really well together. I’m pretty short, so I worry that these pants would swallow me up and make me look even shorter, but I’m still willing to try them out. Wide-legged pants can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on what style you get. I think I would opt for full length pants and dress them up for a nice dinner out or an important meeting!

4. “Slouchy Suits”

Ever since I saw P!nk and her family wear matching suits to the VMA’s, I have been obsessed with what I like to call “slouchy suits.” They aren’t fitted like most women’s suit looks, which usually feature skinny black pants and a fitted blazer. These “slouchy suits” offer more breathing room, are definitely more comfortable to wear. I’m not sure where I would wear a suit to, but if it gets me closer to being like P!nk, then I am all for it!

5. Velvet tops

I’ve seen a lot of people both on and off campus rock velvet tops, skirts, and once, a prom dress! I think velvet is such a cool material, and it looks amazing! I stick to mostly cotton and the occasional silk top, but I have never tried velvet before. The texture and the different colors of velvet really take a simply cut top and make it more dynamic. Velvet tops are also not too difficult to style because you can treat them like your regular shirts or tops, but the velvet would definitely add some “oomph” to the outfit.

Ila Mostafa is currently a Neuroscience major and Biology minor at Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois. She enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with her family. She is usually either starting a new story without finishing an older one or studying. Ila hopes to go to graduate school and eventually do research on Parkinson's Disease.
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