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It’s no secret that there have been many trends that have come back into style over a good portion of 2020. We have 80s hair, Y2K fashion, you name it. I am interested to see what trends are going to come and go in 2021, but first, it’s worth knowing what is going to STAY for 2021. Behold, my predictions for what is going to be most seen out in public as the weather gets warmer and more people start to go out again… 


  1. Oversized Blazers: These are dominating everything I am seeing lately, and I think they are going to be around for a long while. I think these are going to be a staple in every person’s wardrobe. They can turn even the most casual outfit into a statement. Please don’t sleep on oversized blazers, they’re worth it!
  2. GAP Sweatshirts: You are going to start seeing more and more people pulling out their old GAP sweaters that have been stuffed away in boxes for years! I may be one of those people; you should be too. GAP sweaters are neutral and can go with many different types of outfits. In terms of colors, I am seeing many people start to experiment with neutral colors like brown, tan, etc. 
  3. Silk Bandanas/Scarves: This one is an absolute no-brainer. It’s been in style for months and months now, and quite frankly I don’t see this going anywhere. There are so many ways to style a silk scarf with your hair! It can be curly, wavy, straight hair, or you could have no hair and a silk scarf would look amazing just the same. 
  4. Bold Print Pants: These have been starting to make their way into people’s closets and with very, very good reason. Bold printed pants are the staple you need for your wardrobe! From the most simple prints (plaid, floral, etc.) to super complex prints (anime scenes, landscape scenes, etc.), there are bold printed pants out there for everyone. Pair with a pair of sneakers and a plain top and add some accessories, and you’re ready to take on the world. 
  5. Crochet Fashion: Last but not least, CROCHET FASHION!!!! This is a broader style because you can crochet so many things to wear and I have seen so many different items. The most popular items I have seen would be crochet bucket hats and tops that honestly resemble Y2K tops–just the crochet version. More than anything, I have seen tote bags being crocheted, and people are going crazy for them! You can make personalized bags for yourself and there are so many patterns and designs you can do! I honestly think crochet fashion is taking over slowly and we’ll be seeing more and more of this, especially in the summer of 2021. 


    These are just a few of the trends I have been seeing and that I think will be going strong through the year of 2021. Always remember, if these aren’t your cup of tea, that’s okay! And if you want to start wearing new styles or items of clothing, don’t be afraid to do so, you only have one youth; wear what makes you happy and what makes you feel good!

Unsplash/ Kelly Sikkema

Lilliana Andújar is a Junior at Augustana College located in Rock Island, IL. She is majoring in Multimedia Journalism and Mass Communication, with the goal of being an editor in the future. In her free time, Lilliana loves to make music, sing, dance, paint, and draw.
Olivia Tonietto

Augustana '21

Co-Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at Augustana College, studying Communication Sciences and Disorders. Olivia writes for Her Campus with the hope to add to this amazing culture in a unique way by spreading positivity and a different perspective on this beautiful world we live in!