Eleven Things I'm Going to Miss About Living In a Dorm

   If there was ever a singular image that summed up the existance of a college freshman, it would be the college dorm. I think it's safe to say, therefore, that everyone has very special memories of their first-year dorm, myself included. And while I'm so happy to be headed home to my own bed next week, I'm really going to miss all of the wonderful things about living in my dorm. And so, I decided to compile a list of every wonderful, special thing about living in a dorm that I'm going to miss this summer. 

1. Taking a early morning hike up two flights of stairs everytime I forget something in my dorm room. 

2. Waking up every morning to find food in the water fountain.

3. The excitement of staying up till 2 AM in hopes of getting to use the good shower. 

4. All of the adorable stink bugs falling from the ceiling to make friends with you. 

5. Enjoying summer weather all year round in your dorm with shorts, tank tops, and electric fans to beat the building heat.

6. Settling down on the coziest couch in the lobby with a warm mug of coffee, working on a group project at 3 AM.

7. The thrilling race to submit your paper before the internet crashes. 

8. That unique dorm smell of rotting food and strange, unknown perfumes and body sprays. 

9. The treasure trove of garbage, torn down mirrors and bulliten boards that line the hallway. 

10. Being woken up at 3 am every morning by the thrilling sound of a car alarm outside your window.

And, last but certainly not least, 


10. Those magical nights where you and your friends and neighbors all gather outside in the freezing cold because the fire alarm went off again. 

So long, freshman year dorm, you will be missed.