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Dessert is a wonderful thing- one of the many, many blessings in this world. Sweet tooth person or not, dessert is absolutely delightful and brings nothing but quick and utter joy to your soul. Treating ourselves comes in many different forms and it varies for all. From my personal experience- I have never met a problem that ice cream couldn’t fix. We all deserve a pick-me-up when we are down, a treat when we are feeling “meh,” and some serotonin when we are feeling sad or stressed. However, I understand that such a simple thing as dessert- is actually a quite complex concept and holds a deeper meaning behind it.

On a more serious note, it can be hard to treat ourselves and realize that we do indeed deserve things or that we can eat that extra slice of cake or that extra spoonful of ice cream without the world ending. As women, there is this hyper-awareness to abide by the expectations society and social media put onto us in regards to body image and healthy eating and what “rules” we are supposed to be following. But this is merely made up and built up from false advertising, misinformation, and unrealistic ideas. Social media and societal expectations can be very hard to shake and I know an abundance of women battle through this pressure to fight the urge to eat sugar. It is tough out there, I get it, we all do! But women are tougher. Let us take away all that heavy pressure and understand that cookies simply make the world a better place! And so do us, women, just by being present in this life and living it to the fullest- and that means leading a life we love and loving the life we lead. In order to succeed at such a beautiful idea- we must listen to our bodies and reward it for all that it does for us. She runs, she dances, she keeps you alive. She has a nose for smelling good food and a mouth that can sing and shout in the car with the windows down, music blasting. She has legs that get you from place to place all your life. She has hands that have opened up a whole realm of artistic possibilities and writing letters to loved ones. She has two piercing eyes that see the beauty and color in the world. And most importantly, she has a heart to love herself with. Who cares what is being posted on Instagram or what a supposed Tik Tok Doctor is saying about what we should and should not be eating. We are human. We are all unique. We are all different. We all have cravings. We have different taste buds. We all have different minds. We have different thoughts, different styles, different genetics, and different wants and needs. This is what makes mankind amazing! Embracing differences is such a wonderful thing and living how you truly want to be living is even more fantastic. What better time to start choosing you than NOW! No woman should ever stress about eating a delicious dessert. After all, a balanced diet is a cookie in each hand!

Desserts are the happily-ever-after to supper- the fairytales of the kitchen. So eat the chocolate cake, the strawberry shortcake, the mint chocolate chip ice cream, the blueberry muffin, the cinnamon streusel, the apple pie, the salted caramel brownies- whatever it is, savor it and take your pleasure seriously! Life is short so let us all try to count moments, not calories. Lastly, I hope everyone takes time out of their day this 2021 year to celebrate National Dessert Day on October 14th. As we all know, life is short, so make it sweet!

Kourtney Troha

Augustana '23

[Augustana College 2023 Elementary Education Major] Positivity, kindness, and simplicity- words I live by. My name is Kourtney Troha and my goal is to live with intent. Writing gives me a gateway into that as well as a purpose to my everyday life. I believe in always finding the good in everyday. I hope to reach people through my writing and to appreciate the little things as much as I can. I find joy and peace in making others happy. Some of my interests are Golfing, Writing, Cooking & Baking, and I love dogs and animals. I am excited to see what the future holds. I love meeting new people and gaining new perspectives! Opportunities to connect- Instagram: @kourttroha Vsco: @kourttro
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