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The Buzz About 392 Caffe

Going to college and living in Rock Island, IL, I know that it's not always the most exciting place to be. So when something new opens up, I’m the first to check it out! I had first tried Baked Beer & Bread Company one chilly day in the Village of East Davenport. They offered a variety of different and delicious flavored lattes, along with many different types of coffee. While I had been to Baked for 392 Coffee a few times, one of the baristas working there had told me they would be opening a new place of their own in Davenport! I could not wait for it to open, and it finally has! Last Thursday, January 10th, 392 Caffe had their grand opening. I visited to see it for myself this weekend. The inside makes the experience of drinking their coffee even more cozy and welcoming than before! By creating a very modern and aesthetically pleasing interior, along with different signs and bright letters on the outside, 392 Caffe could not be any cuter! Besides the adorable shop itself, the cafe offers 17 different drink options. These include 3 different types of coffee, cold brew on tap, a variety of smoothies and teas, and flavored lattes, all handmade! Along with the many different drink options, 392 is now offering breakfast and lunch sandwiches, cookies, cinnamon rolls, pastries and more! There are many different seating options inside, and each person who works there could not offer a more friendly face! Since it was their first weekend open, the line was almost out the door! Though there were many, many customers, the service was quick yet still perfect. Each latte is just another addition to the coffee experience of 392! Those making the drinks seem to make them with extra care, and my latte had a cute design on top which makes it even more appealing to the eye and the stomach. I can not make enough positive comments about 392 Caffe and I encourage any coffee lover looking for a new shop to visit to check this one out. The signs inside and out say “Drink Better Coffee”, and 392 is definitely living up to these words. The coffee is craft and very high quality. For those of you who know and need a good cup of coffee, 392 is the place to go. This will definitely be my new coffee corner and I’m assuming it will become many others as well. One sip of a 392 coffee on a cold winter day and you’ll be hooked. Visit for yourself and drink better coffee than ever before!

Natalia is a junior at Augustana College studying biology. She hopes to become a dentist who makes the world smile brighter. When she isn't studying you can find her at the gym sweatin' or at the mall shopping for clothes she can't afford. Natalia is a pretty typical college chick who's really into motivation, health & fitness, style, food and music. Find her on instagram @talibear31!
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