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Fence Broken Ocean Plants Hiking Adventure Fun Original
Charlotte Reader / Her Campus

Broken Girl Is Trying

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Augustana chapter.

She is traumatized and scared of her past

She balanced on eye beams above seas

She tries so hard to move on with her life

But realizes she is pacing her way to the other side

Risking her life with absurdity and death

With the actions she is pulling, realises it’s a test

Not mistaking anything for what it could be

Assuming that everything is the same

That is not how it should be

She tries to take risks and be vulnerable

As she takes steps and stances

Realising she might just be tolerable

She advances towards the higher perch where beauty stands

And waits for gravity to start her death-defying leap

She is tired of carrying things with her hands

She has no idea what this life plans

She is a poet and an acrobat

Climbing in rimes and wires of her own making

She feels like she’s been stomped on like a doormat

She wants to not feel the feeling of sorrow

But instead she wants to feel exhilaration

But the more she searches for her purpose

The more she realises she is an empty air of existence

Mimi Gyftakos

Augustana '26

I am a sophomore at Augustana College! I am on the writing and editing team for our chapter. I’m a creative writing major, minoring in theater and psychology. I love music. Writing it and singing it. I have a huge squishmallow collection :)