Book of the Month: The Death Wish Game

The Death Wish Game, written by Jonathan Chateau, is an enticing novel about Rodney Corso who has lost all value of his own life. He is desperate for an out, but an out of the blue call by a family member brings him back down to earth. Clinging to the thought of a new beginning, Rodney buys a cheap ticket to visit his relatives, but is greeted with a surprising bus ride. Knocked out and confused, Rodney awakens to realize he is restricted in movement, abandoned in a full bus of people, and told to survive. He makes some allies, but soon discovers that not everyone is meant to be in this game for a reason. Despite his first impressions of the game, Rodney discovers that there is more that lies beneath the surface than just making it out alive. Unlikely heroes are all over the place, but one thing is for sure:

Survive the night. Make it to the safe zone. Don't get caught.