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I met you in the “library” 

Or from “mutual friends”. I can’t remember which one.


Someone warned me about you,

Telling me all the bad in your past.





      Partying too much


                         Kicked out from a college


My rule of thumb for meeting new people:

Ignore what other people say about a person,

And judge the person based on your personal interactions with them.


You have yourself put together now.

Even though you have your flaws, 

There are many things I like about you.


I like the way you smile with your teeth.

When your eyes look up into mine. 

The five second stare you give before you surprise me with a kiss. 

The hard work you put forth for the future you dream of.


I’m taking a leap of faith with you right now.

After my first heartbreak I hid my heart away,

And fixed it quietly in front of everyone,

Like invisible ink.


But every day when I think of you longer and longer,

The chained up doors on my heart are banging even harder,

Saying , “OPEN UP!”

Open your heart again. 


How can I tell you my feelings,

When you don’t reciprocate yours.


I feel like I’m playing the board game Operation,

Carefully picking out your feelings,

To figure out if this is just a play for everyone to see,

Or real life.


How should I say this?

I don’t want to scare you away.


But I need security,

To know I'm not wasting my time,

To know before the doors burst open.


So here is the big question,

What are we?


Shubhi Sharma

Augustana '22

Shubhi Sharma is currently a senior at Augustana College. She is majoring in Biology/Pre-dental with the hopes to become an orthodontist or cosmetic dentist. She has a passion for fashion, writing poetry, and painting. If you don't find her studying in the lounge then she's probably watching anime or deciding which luxury brand to buy next. She hopes that by writing about her unique experiences, thoughts, and ideas that others will find it entertaining, encouraging, and most importantly relatable.
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