The Best Street Style Looks from NYFW 2018



     New York Fashion Week ended last week, and once again, designers showcased some amazing clothes that I cannot afford. My favorite part about seeing photos from NYFW is all the street style clothes! I love the creative way in which people put together their outfits. Some go the minimal route, while others take their outfits to the max. Either way, they are absolutely gorgeous and have me wishing I was at NYFW! Here are some of my favorite looks:

  1. This gorgeous yellow dress: The pop of yellow is absolutely stunning when contrasted against the rainy New York weather, and the leather basket bag is an excellent, minimalist touch!

  2. Pink on pink on pink:Never be scared to wear to much of one color. This outfit proves that layering one color can be really easy! You can put together different shades of one color by combining different shapes and styles of clothing.

  3. This plaid mini-skirt and matching blazer:  I love blazers, and when they come with matching bottoms, it’s even better. The neutral colors of the blazer work well with the simple black tee and burgundy boots. It’s the perfect look for the beginning of fall!

  4. This comfy chic combo:  Putting a sweatshirt and a ruffled silk skirt may sound weird, but it looks absolutely gorgeous. The sweatshirt gets dressed up, the skirt becomes casual, and we all can’t handle it.

  5. This trendy plaid jumpsuit:  This plaid jumpsuit and oversized silver bag work really well together to create an original look. The blue is a great pop of color, and the jumpsuit is super chic!

  6. This mix of patterns:  Who would have thought that stripes and floral patterns go together? At first glance, this outfit seems like a lot. But the red stripes against the colorful floral pattern actually make a great look!

  7. This red on red look:  This chunky red sweater would be perfect for our Mid-West winters. Again, putting the same color together may seem like a risk, but it looks amazing in different mediums and shapes!

  8. This corset look:  Corsets, like chokers, have come back in style. This simple skirt and top look was great on its own, but it's made even better with the addition of a corset. It adds shape to the outfit and makes it more complex.

  9. This layered look:  I never would have thought of putting a button down on top of a button down, but nothing is off the table at Fashion Week. The yellow looks great with the blue stripes, and the heart shaped glasses are a great touch!

  10. This fur coat over a jumpsuit look: The colorful jumpsuit is a great surprise underneath the neutral fur coat. The jumpsuit is skin-tight, and the fur coat is oversized. Meshing opposite pieces can take a look to the next level!

     Those were some of my favorite street style looks from New York Fashion Week this year. There’s still London, Milan, and Paris left, and I can’t wait to see what kind of amazing pieces people put together!