The Best Black Mirror Episodes

Since the release of its new season, Netflix’s original series Black Mirror is becoming the new craze for binge-watchers. Black Mirror is a satirical sci-fi show that centers around the flaws of progressive technology. To best put it, it’s our modern-day version of The Twilight Zone. Each episode stands on its own, which makes it an easy show to delve into. That being said, here are a few of its best episodes. I can’t go much into detail about them without giving anything away.

1. Season 2 Episode 4 White Christmas

During Christmas Day, two men reflect on their pasts. As one of them delves deeper into his memories, a dark secret is revealed. What seems to be a friendship between two men appears to be a just a cover. I enjoy this episode as the show does a good job unfolding small details as tension rises. Not to mention all the twists and turns. This episode is a great example of how Black Mirror shatters your by expectations gradually revealing the truth.

2. Season 4 Episode 6 Black Museum

On her travels, a young woman makes a quick stop at a museum. The tour guide tells chilling tales about most of the exhibits, such as a stuffed monkey that holds the lonely soul of a mother. One attraction seems to catch the traveler's attention. This episode uses the sci-fi elements to exaggerate the ugly truths of racism and how it exists today. Even if we don't have that same technology, it is still chilling to think that this is how society would behave if we did.

3. Season 3 Episode 4 San Junipero

When a woman moves into a seaside town, she meets a lively woman who shakes up her world. As time progresses, their bond strengthens and they fall in love. One of them is left with a heavy decision that will forever impact their relationship. This is one of the few episodes with a true happy ending. Plus, it's refreshing to see representation of a queer couple. I love rewatching this episode just to see the development of their relationship.

4. Season 4 Episode 4 Hang the DJ

Paired up by a dating program, two individuals realize the limits of its system. Instead of enduring the dating program and letting it control them, they decide to break out of it. They learn their world isn't what it seems to be. I'm usually not one for romances, but this particular one is interesting as it presents the issues of modern dating. The characters are not the stereotypical ones you normally see in the romance genre so it makes the relationship more believable.