The Benefits of Using a Gua Sha

Gua sha is a deeply soothing therapy that involves massaging using upward strokes, to stimulate collagen production. Gua sha helps to improve lymphatic drainage. By using a gua sha every day, there are five immediate benefits to this method:

  1. Clears out toxins in your skin, such as breakouts. 

  2. Reduce acne scars.

  3. Firms skin.

  4. Improving facial contour: no more double chin!

  5. Relaxing activity to relieve tensions.

How to Use the Gua Sha:

A Gua Sha is best used with facial oil or water, so there is no tugging of the skin.

To Overall Improve Facial Contour: 

  1. Start at the chin, and glide the Gua Sha along the jawline, up to the ear.

  2. Move the tool up to your cheekbone, and glide up to the hairline.

  3. Repeat these motions five times to achieve great results!

To Get Rid of Double Chin:

  1. Gently glide the tool down from your chin to your neck, increasing the circulation, and depuffing.

  2. Repeat this five times.

To Depuff the Nose: 

  1. Gently glide the tool down the bridge of your nose.

  2. Bring the tool down along the side of the nose to the cheek.

  3. Repeat these motions five times.