A Basic Guide To Nice Pens

I love pens. I love them to the point where I may have more pens on my desk than tubes of lipstick. Most people can do with any regular bic ballpoint pen, but, admittedly, I’ve become a bit of a snob about my writing utensils. I blame the disastrous collection of half-filled notebooks I’ve accumulated over the years on my obsession. Journals look prettier when they’re filled-out in pen, after all. So, as I was cleaning out my pencil case the other day, I decided to compile a little list of pens that I genuinely like and are worth the large bulk purchases over Amazon. Whether for notes, bullet journaling, or just taking pride in owning decent school supplies, here are some of my favorite pens.


For Your Everyday Notes: Paper Mate Felt Tip Pen

My problem with most ball-point pens is that the ink tends to clog and it doesn’t look quite as nice as a felt tip. These pens from Paper Mate are a good, simple staple all pen-users should own. They may not last quite as long as other pens on this list, but they write well and don’t bleed through the paper as much. And, most importantly, they’re super cheap and easy to find.


For Your Bullet Journal Notes: Le Pen

I love this brand. The pens are much smaller and don’t do well when extreme pressure is applied, but the colors they come in are beautiful and they last quite a long time. They’re especially great if you write in a smaller notebook, especially a moleskin, which is what I use them for. They’re tiny and mighty and I always have one stashed in my purse when I’m out and about.


For The Days You Wanna Be Extra When Taking Notes: Stabilo (point 88; fine 0.4)

Like Le Pen and most art store pens, Stabilo comes in a variety of colors for about a dollar or two each. However, unlike Le Pen, Stabilo pens can withstand a lot more due to their longer, pencil-like shape. I also find that they bleed less than Le Pen, which makes them ideal for doodling or quick notes. Still, like most pens, they work best on thicker paper because they’re art store pens.


For Serious Writing Business: Sipa Waterproof

I came across this brand more recently, when my friend showed me her bullet journaling supplies. She had pens from this brand, and while I didn’t get her specific pens, the ones I did order from Amazon are incredible. They come in a bulk of many sizes, they dry quick, and they barely bleed. These pens are perfect for final studying, sketching, or any heavy duty writing work that needs to be done.


For Decorating Your Bullet Journal: STA Aquarelle Brush

If you want to make your journals pop (or if you’re like me and would like an easy-flowing set of colorful highlighters), then these pens are perfect. They’re duel-ended, with a brush tip at one point and a small marker tip at the other. They bleed through regular paper fairly easy, but they’re so much fun to use and last for a very long time. Highly recommend the investment.


When You Just Want A Fun Pen: Gelly Roll Pens

These pens may not be felt tip, but they’re wonderful items. Hailing from Japan, these gel-ink pens were developed by The Sakura Color Products Corporation in 1984. The goal was to create a pen with ink that would run smoothly when writing, but wouldn’t clot towards the tip. And, yes, perhaps that’s more information than you care to know. But Gelly Roll Pens are fantastic: they come in every color imaginable, they have glitter pens, metallic pens, and even pens that shift colors in the light. They may not have the best longevity, but these pens are a classic and are absolutely fun.