Augustana's MPB Comedy Club Presents: Jade Catta-Preta

I recently sat down with Pash Yashurkin and Alondra Perez, MPB Comedy Club Co-Chairs, to discuss the group’s upcoming event on September 14th.


What is the event?

Augustana’s MPB will be featuring comedian Jade Catta-Preta!


When and where is the event?

Friday, September 14th in Gavle Room 3 at 8:00pm!


Who is Jade Catta-Preta?

Jade is a Brazilian born comic and actress. She has been featured on a number of shows, including MTV’s Girl Code, Punkd, Modern Family, and 2 Broke Girls.


Why is this event important?

Alondra Perez: “You don’t see women represented in comedy as much as men. Jade is also Brazilian, which is important because many cultural groups feel like they’re not represented.”


What does this event stand for?

Pash Yashurkin: “We want to promote the idea of a successful, female comedian throughout different organizations...the purpose of this event is to represent women's excellence and internationality.”


What makes this event different?

Alondra Perez: “There will be unusual giveaways! We don’t want to give too much away right now about what will be given away, but these gifts were created by a group home of women...which is incredible.”


How would you describe the current climate on campus regarding representation?

Pash Yashurkin: “Honestly, many underrepresented groups do not feel too comfortable right now.”

Alondra Perez: “There’s this [assumption] that you can’t go to a multicultural event unless you are a multicultural student. I remember an event put on by a multicultural group on campus...and no one knew who created it...we want people to get more involved even if they are not a multicultural student.”


What do you hope to gain from putting on this event?

Pash Yashurkin: “Positive vibes, a good experience, and representation.”

Alondra Perez: “This event is a good and easy way to talk about important issues without it being chaotic. Comedy is a different approach.”


What steps should Augustana College take to ensure representation?

Pash Yashurkin: “Hire faculty to represent underrepresented groups, urge students to try new things and to join more diverse groups…”

Alondra Perez: “Emphasize that everyone should go in and experience a culture, even if they are not a part of it.”


Make sure to catch Jade Catta-Preta this Friday at 8:00pm!