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Augustana Sororities as Drinks from the Brew

Spring term: new classes, Buckethead, Sloughfest, and pledging. In the spirit of this pledging season, I constructed an analytical yet playful list of the sororities as drinks from the Brew. After thorough research, here is an interpretation of the groups as the beverages we enjoy.

Chi Alpha Pi

White Chocolate Mocha

Simple and classic. No one can resist a mocha.

Chi Omega Gamma

Italian Soda

So much flavor we can’t get enough of. 

Delta Chi Theta

Starbucks DoubleShot Energy

The kind of energy we all want and need.

Phi Rho

Chai Tea

A beverage for those with exquisite taste.

Sigma Kappa Tau

Tazo Green Tea

Because nothing feels more refreshing than a cup of green tea.

Sigma Pi Delta

Iced Caramel Macchiato

Cool as a snowflake!

Zeta Phi Kappa

Hot Chocolate

Warm and sweet, just like the Zetas!

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