Augie Alum Emilee Droegmiller

This week I chatted with Augie Alum Emilee Droegmiller about what life after college is like. We sat on her couch watching Worst Cooks in America while eating ice cream straight from the carton. Here’s the conversation that ensued:


So you graduated a year ago now?

Well I walked in May of 2016, but I technically completed classes in November of 2016.


What was your first “job” after walking at graduation in May?

I volunteered at AmeriCorps with Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Mississippi Valley.


How did you find that position?

I was looking for gap year-esque programs because of my weird graduation date. I knew there was an opening because my roommate worked there so I interviewed and they hired me!


Now you’re working as a teacher! What’s that like?

It’s really fun! I teach high school English at Fulton High School in Fulton, IL.


What’s something unexpected about the realities of teaching? I know you mentioned the other day that you have to write semester exams.

You don’t expect it to be as daunting as it is! I’m writing an assessment that is testing to make sure you learned the material over the past eighteen weeks. That’s a lot of responsibility.

What was your biggest fear for after graduation?

Obviously not getting a job was a big fear of mine.


Alright, that’s fair. I think that’s everyone’s fear. I guess I’ll rephrase that to: what scared you the most about life after college? Getting an apartment, maybe?

Well my roommate and I already had our apartment lease signed before we graduated since we knew we’d be living in the Quad Cities over the summer. I guess just some of the finer points of adult life were daunting. Like knowing where to go to get my tires changed and how health insurance worked. Yeah, probably health insurance, which I still fully don’t understand.


What’s adult life like for you?

Adult life is really weird because some days I’ll be really productive and feel like a responsible adult. On teacher in-service days, I’ll spend the whole day talking with fellow teachers about school. And then other days I will sit on my couch and eat ice cream straight from the container.


Any advice you can give to college seniors (a.k.a. me) about the next steps into adulthood?

Well teaching has always been my goal and there wasn’t anything else for me in my life path. If you’re passionate about what you’re doing, that’s great. But if it doesn’t seem like what you’re doing is working out for you, it’s okay. There are always back up options. It will all fall into place eventually!


Thank you for sitting with me and helping me feel like I'm not super unprepared for my future.