7 Feelings All Vegetarians Can Relate To

These are just a few struggles us, vegetarians, go through on a daily basis. In no particular order...


1) People asking if they are offending you when they are eating meat right in front of you.

I would rather you not eat meat in general considering I gave up meat for the sake of the innocent animals, but I am not going to kung fu fight you for choosing to eat meat. I could care less about what you eat in front of me.


2) Going out to eat with friends who eat meat.

This is such a stressful issue. People can be very judgemental that you choose to not each animal flesh for dinner. I have great friends who consider the fact that I don’t eat meat and go somewhere I will be able to find a vegetarian-friendly meal to eat. Although there are times where others will be frustrated over the fact that they can’t go to Texas Roadhouse or Buffalo Wild Wings because of my status as a vegatarian. 

3) When you want to transition to veganism, but cheese exists.

Taking the next level into veganism is the goal, but cheese exists. So does ice cream, yogurt, and chocolate… It is already struggle enough being a vegetarian but veganism is asking for too much for me.

4) Getting comments like…

“Why don't you eat the meat? It’s already dead anyway” or “I tried being a vegetarian for a month, it didn’t last long.” I am well aware that it’s dead, which does not change anything. There are times where people think I eat only vegetables and tofu. There are a variety of meals or dishes that taste good that have no meat, like a veggie burger. Also, it’s nice that you tried being a vegetarian, but you’re not the first that has told me their “I was vegetarian once” story.   

5) When meat eaters eat the only non-meat dishes.

I’m sorry but this is the most devastating issue. They have so many choices, but they had to eat the only meatless dish. It’s understandable if they weren’t aware of it, but for those who are...why would you deprive me of food.


6) When you find another vegetarian.

This is the best feeling ever because it’s like finding a rare species of butterfly. You rant about interactions with meat eaters and are able to relate to someone who has gone through similar situations.

7) Discovering the best veggie burger in your whole entire life.

Being a vegetarian for almost seven years now, I have tried all kinds of veggie patties. Most are too dry or too plain. It was really hard to find a burger with the right taste, the right amount of lettuce, sauce, and everything nice. Until one day, I went to a restaurant in Indiana, three hours away from home. I trued a vegan burger that tasted so heavenly, that I felt as if I was going to die and then resurrect to come back for another burger.

These are all based on my experiences and hopefully, other vegetarians can relate too.