5 Holiday Gifts for your Roommate that Won’t Break the Bank

It’s that time of year again when your friends tell you that they found “the perfect Christmas present for you!” and you think to yourself, “Wait, we’re buying each other things?” If you’re an upperclassmen hopefully you’ve figured out how to get around this problem, either deciding civilly on a five dollar max, or yelling “I AM BROKE AS HECK!” to your roommates. But if you’re new to the game you might be wondering how on earth you are going to get people you didn’t even know you were that good of friends with a gift that will make them say, “Aww!” Here are five gifts for your roommates and others that won’t break the bank.


  1. Bath Stuff

Essentials can be expensive and you always run out of shower supplies when you have a negative balance in your account. Treat your girlfriends to a bundle of bath treats like this Soap & Glory one from Target for less than $10! Get it here.


     2. A Phone Charger


A 10 ft phone charger. A phone charger for when there is only one outlet left in the room without 30 electronics plugged into it, just waiting for the right time to blow up but you’re on the futon that’s 10 ft away. Only $8 here.


     3. Another Mug


Because you can never have too many, and anything with your BFF's name on it will keep her happy. College is all about branding and many small shops have sales during the holidays! Etsy is a great place to find the perfect gift under $15. Get it here.


4. Something to Mask Your Laundry

For our girls done living in the dorms, a candle is a great simple way to tell your roommate it’s time to clean up her side of the apartment. You can get a scent that reminds you of her and only spend $5! Bath and Body Works always has a variety of scents!


    5. Stocking Stuffer

An easy way to get your friends something fun and cheap is to decide on some stocking stuffers for everyone. No one has the space for anything new in the dorm anyway. Get them something fairly useful or funny and cheap! Here are some options.