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20 Ways to Make Your Bad Day Better

1. Go for a drive. If you have a car, sometimes going for a drive and playing some music can put you in a whole new mindset.

2. Visit an animal shelter. They need love, you’re having a bad day, everybody wins!

3. Hit the gym. Get those endorphins going! The gym is a perfect place to run off your anger or make yourself feel stronger on a day you’re feeling down.

4. Call a friend you’ve been meaning to get in touch with. Sometimes we put off these conversations because we’re all busy, but a bad day is the perfect time to catch up and laugh with an old friend.

5. Clean your house. I can’t speak for everyone but when my room/house looks nice and clean, I feel a little more in control of my life. Sometimes that’s the little thing you need on a bad day.

6. Bake yourself some cookies. Because why not? It’ll keep you occupied and at the end of the day, you’ll have cookies, which is a beautiful thing.

7. Journal about it. Whether you’re upset, or angry, or don’t understand why but you’re crying all day (this is a real thing that happens), get it on paper! Write it all out and at the end of the journaling session let all of those things go when the notebook closes.

8. Yoga. Whether you find a class to go to, or just do a quick flow in your room, the deep breathing will take your mind off of whatever is going on and focus you on your breath. Yoga is the perfect stress reliever.

9. Craft. Go find a canvas and make that beautiful painting you’ve been admiring on Pinterest. We all have one. No shame.

10. Watch your favorite movie. At the end of a bad day, sometimes all we want to do is curl up under a blanket and watch a 2000s romantic comedy. So just do it, let yourself enjoy something that makes you smile.

11. Look up videos of cute animals. It’s so stereotypical but it honestly works. I suggest videos of dogs being reunited with their owners or cats trying to fit in small boxes. They’ll make you smile, I guarantee it.

12. Essential Oils. If you’re feeling down, find some lemon or orange oil and breathe deep or diffuse. They are immunity and confidence boosters and will help kickstart a better mood!

13. Treat yo self. If you want the ice cream, get the ice cream. If you want the shoes, buy the shoes. Life is short, so allow yourself what makes you happy when you most need it.

14. Volunteer. I find that when I’m having a bad day and spend some time giving back, I always feel better.

15. Drink tea. Tea is calming and rejuvenating rather than highly charged caffeinated drinks such as coffee. The heat in it will help you decompress and have a soothing effect.

16. Be super productive. If this is something you can do, do it on a bad day. Being super productive will make you feel accomplished and that always makes your day so much better.

17. Read a book. A novel might be the perfect escape on a bad day. Instead of worrying about your own problems, use the characters as a perfect distraction.

18. Go for a walk. Being outside seems to have a stimulating effect on mood. Get some fresh air and enjoy nature for a while!

19. Plan a trip. Even if you aren’t going somewhere, planning a vacation is always exciting. Get yourself busy looking up places to visit and things to do and suddenly your day will be looking magnitudes better!

20. Remember tomorrow will be better. It is a brand new day.

Augustana Contributor 
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