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Your Morning Transit Ride as Told by Disney

Most everyone has had to ride the transit at one point or another, but the worst transit rides definitely happen in the early morning hours. With everyone tired, grumpy, and just overall unpleasant, the morning transit ride is nothing to look forward to and everyone knows it- even Disney! So to make your mornings on the transit a little better, here’s the outline of your typical morning transit ride, as told by your favorite Disney characters.

You check TransLoc and see that the transit you need to catch is still 25 minutes away.


You check TransLoc about two seconds later and see that your transit is actually one minute away.

You run to the transit stop as fast as you possibly can, your backback and keys in tow.

You wait five or more minutes for your transit, even though the app said the transit was one minute away.


You board the transit and end up standing and holding onto the ceiling hook, even though there are tons of guys sitting down.

You overhear some very interesting conversations between people who seem to act like they are still in grade school.

A hot guy eventually gives up his seat for you, affirming the fact that chivalry is not dead and reminding you that even early in the morning, some guys are incredibly attractive.

The air conditioning freezes every square inch of your body, to the point that you are yearning for Auburn’s burning outdoor heat.


The person sitting next to you gets off the transit, and is replaced by someone that obviously hasn’t taken a shower in at least 3 days.

Your transit route seems to be taking detours in order to go over every single speed bump on campus.

You finally get to your spot, get off of that ridiculously crowded bus and make a beeline for class.


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Meghan is a senior at Auburn majoring in microbiology and minoring in journalism. She has been a contributing writer for Her Campus since her freshman year of college, and she absolutely loves it! Her life is made up of alternating periods of stress and relaxation, but full of joy. She loves octopi, Dr. Pepper and strong jawlines.
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