Your Empowering Playlist to Start Out 2019

With it being the new year, I’m sure a lot of you have made resolutions that you may or may not keep up with. This year, I actually didn’t make any resolutions except to try and be my best self and live in the moment. I found that when I made resolutions in the past, I would put myself down whenever I wouldn’t follow a resolution and give up on any goals I had for that year. Whether you’ve made any resolutions for this upcoming year or not, know that any hardships you go through doesn’t mean your 2019 is ruined. Learn from your mistakes and don’t let any roadblocks in your way get you down. To help, I’ve made a playlist of new songs to start off your year right. This playlist also happens to be full of successful women artists! So put in some headphones or blast these songs in your car with friends. I guarantee you’ll have a good time either way!


7 Rings - Ariana Grande

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GIRL - Maren Morris

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Party For One - Carly Rae Jepsen

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Don’t Call Me Up - Mabel

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Kiss and Make Up - Dua Lipa feat. BLACKPINK

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Sue Me - Sabrina Carpenter

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La Di Da - Lennon Stella

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My Name Isn’t - LOVA

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Silly Boy - Call Me Loop

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