Your Best Spring Break Yet as Told by Hot Guys

Spring Break is on every collegiette's mind this time of year, and at Auburn University it's coming up fast (as in this weekend!). If you finding yourself thinking, “Seriously, two weeks ago we had a snow day and suddenly it's flip-flop weather. What gives?” then you are not alone. So you haven't quite gotten your plans together yet...but don’t stress! The best spring break is always assembled at the last minute, and these attractive men are about to illustrate the truth behind it.

When classes let out this Friday, the sun will somehow seem a little brighter. School worries are so far behind it’s like you don’t even go to college.

You call up the buddy that’s always down for anything, because you’re down for anything and for hanging out with everyone else who hasn't made plans. When you propose the idea, you make a gesture that suggests there’s a fun time to be had,

which is more than enough to get your friend excited about it!

You get in the car before you really decide on a destination, having packed your necessities and sundresses in what seems like one swift motion. You take the high way generally south and ask your friend to start GPSing the closest beach on her phone.

For the first couple of hours you’re on top of the world,

but her phone starts spazzing as soon as  realize you should probably be taking an exit, you start to look at the road like it’s a scene from The Book of Eli.

And your friend is all,

When you pull off to a gas station and buy a map inside, you see an advert for a great-sounding concert tonight in a beach town close by. Of course your friend is game!

After killing time in the local shops you head to the concert, which is, conveniently, out on the beach. When you step out on the sand, you know you’re looking fly.

You see this gorgeous guy from afar,

but as he gets closer he looks more like a normal person.

He asks you to dance and at first you’re all,

but then he makes you laugh and you decide to just go for it. He’s a surprisingly good dancer.

Meanwhile you’ve already had a few, so coordination isn’t your strong suit.

When the band is done playing, someone lights a bonfire and in the flattering lighting the guy you’re with looks even better. It gets to the point where you van only manage a weird laugh after anything he says

But you keep talking until you notice that your friend is actually almost passed out, rather than tanning.

You’d better call it a night. You were going to stay with your cousin in the next town over, but you’re way past the point of driving so drag your friend the closest hotel, which happens to be right next to the bar that hosted the concert.

Over complimentary breakfast the next morning, you see an advertisment for an amusement park you didn’t know existed in the next town over, and the adventure begins again.

If this doesn’t sound anything like what you have coming up for spring break, maybe you should give an old-fashioned random road trip a try! Be cautious and safe, but don’t be afraid to start something off this break with no plans whatsoever and just go with the flow. You never know what memories you’ll make.