Writer's Spotlight: Samantha Bennett

As the semester comes to a close and the Her Campus Auburn writers submit their last articles for 2016, it comes time to recognize a writer who has done an extraordinary effort on our team. Samantha Bennett is not only a writer, but she also coordinates events with our events team. She joined the Her Campus team this semester and has already been a great addition to our chapter. In the midst of finals week, I asked her a few questions so that you and I could get to know her a little better.

Samantha, pictured on the left, sits on the lawn in front of Samford Hall.

1.What is your major?

My major is pre-veterinary medicine through the College of Animal Sciences.

2.What have you learned during our first semester at Auburn, outside of your classes? 

Well, I wouldn’t exactly say I’ve learned, but I am in the process of learning that everyone’s path in college, well life in general, is different. At the beginning of the semester, I really struggled with being lonely, because it seemed like everyone was going to parties and hanging out with friends, and because I wasn’t doing that, I felt like I was missing out on the college experience. But then I realized that the reason I wasn’t going out every weekend was because that’s just not me, and that’s okay! I also found myself comparing how well I was doing in classes to how well some of my friends were doing in their classes, and they weren’t even taking the same classes as me! I’m in the process of learning to really focus on myself and growing here at Auburn.

3. What do you hope to accomplish in your life?

Honestly, my biggest goal is to become the best veterinarian I can be. Whenever I tell people that I’m a pre-vet student they always look at me with disbelief and ask something along the lines of, “Isn’t vet school really hard to get into, and very challenging?” and I’ve learned to just smile and say yes, yes it is. Even though you almost have to be crazy to want to do it, I just know that being able to make a difference in not only animals’ lives, but the lives of the humans that love them, will make it all worthwhile. 

Samantha, pictured on the right, enjoys Toomer's famous lemonade with her fellow Her Campus Auburn team members.

4. Do you have a story you want to share (people-of-New-York style)?

Ever since my sophomore year of high school, I’ve really had to battle with dealing with anxiety. I think a lot of it comes from my perfectionist type personality and my need to excel at everything I do, but it mostly has to deal with my need to make certain grades in school. As a pre-veterinary student the pressure to make perfect grades is hard enough, but adding my issues with anxiety to that makes dealing with the normal day to day school stuff pretty hard. Anxiety is a pretty tricky issue to fix and there’s an unlimited amount of resources to help combat it, but what I found this semester while attending Church of the Highlands, is that growing in my faith and drawing closer to understanding God’s love for me has been the best medicine I could ask for. It’s still something that I struggle with, and I probably will for a while, but that’s just another part of me not being perfect and now I know that it’s okay not to be!

We have loved meeting not only Samantha but all of our new team members this semester. If writing, planning events, or posting on social media for Her Campus Auburn sounds like something you would be interested in, then email us, and we will give you more details!