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Winter Blues Got You Down? Stay in Shape and Feel Great!

Each year, many colliegettes make the infamous New Year’s resolution to get in shape.  And yet, it’s difficult to stick to this plan thanks to the fact that we are constantly surrounded by delicious holiday foods, I’m talking to you Mom, and are buried under layers of adorable winter wear!  (Chunky sweaters anyone?) This year, don’t let the winter blues get you down. Never-mind your typical spin class or boring boot camps. We’ve got the inside scoop on classes that make exercising fun, and the best part is they are offered right here on AU’s campus!  


Glee Fit: Calling all Gleeks! So, maybe you don’t have the singing chops to compete with our favorite characters on Fox’s hit TV show (my votes goes to the horribly delightful Sue Sylvester!), but that doesn’t mean you can’t jam out to your favorite songs! Glee Fit mixes aerobics and dances steps to the various rhythms and speeds of the shows most popular musical numbers. So sign up and get ready to get your Rachel Berry on!


Ballet Fusion: Move over Natalie Portman, and say goodbye to psycho ballerinas because Ballet Fusion is the latest and greatest fitness craze! This course fuses together ballet, yoga, and Pilates into one rhythmic series of movements. You can leave your tights and leotards at home, but come ready to get tightened and toned.


Zero to 5K “Turn a Couch Zero into a 5K Hero”: Ever wanted to run a 5K but too daunted by the fact that it is several miles long? Then Zero to 5K might be perfect for you! This class provides the basic training and skill development needed in order to run at least 3 continuous miles. The goal of the course is to establish a weekly running program, and with all of that cardio, you will be in shape in no time!


Stride: If workout video’s make you feel ridiculous, but you’ve always wanted to get P90X-like results, then I would suggest signing up for Stride. A combination of Sean T’s Insanity and Hip Hop Abs, Stride will engage every, and I mean every muscle in your body. Warning- prepare to feel sore after this rigorous workout! 


Butts & Guts: Talk about problem area! Butts and Guts takes back and abdominal exercises and combines them with lower body strengthening giving you the washboard abs you never knew you had. The best part about this class? It only last 30 minutes, and trust me, you will see results.


Don’t worry so much about the dreaded Freshman 15 because Auburn’s Student Activities Center offers easy and exciting ways to stay fit.  If group workouts aren’t for you, the Student Act offers personal training for only $60 a semester!  For more information on classes and class schedules check out their website.  So grab your girlfriends, try a few classes, and remember, it’s never too late to get in shape!

Ellery is a senior at Auburn University double majoring in Radio, Television, and Film and Musical Theatre. She became involved with her campus in the Fall of 2011, and is a contributing writer and co-founder of the HC branch at her school. Ellery spends her time anchoring and producing stories for the Eagle Eye TV, as well as teaching acting classes for children at the local community theater. A member of the Delta Zeta sorority and the Lambda Pi Eta National Communication Honors Society, Ellery has enjoyed her time at the loveliest village on the plains, and hopes to pursue an editorial career. Originally from Florida, Ellery loves cooking, fashion, traveling, arts and crafts, and has a flair for all things with southern charm. With a passion for reading and films, Ellery also enjoys the outdoors including hiking and most recently spear-fishing! Ellery is very excited to be apart of the HC team, and is looking forward to watching the Auburn branch grow.
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