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Why You Should Watch Marvel’s “Runaways”

There are a bunch of fantastic shows you can watch on Hulu, and Marvel’s “Runaways” is no exception. Here’s a list of why this should be added to your watch list, and the best part is that there are no spoilers! 

POC Main Character

Rhenzy Feliz plays Alex Wilder (second from the left), the leader of the Runaways.


LGBTQ Representation

The show features a couple that is a beautiful representation of the LGBTQ community!


Female Empowerment

Four out of the six main characters are gorgeous females, continuing the streak of awesome and mighty female superheroes!


A. Dinosaur.

Yup, you heard me: a dinosaur. Do I need to say more?



Most of the main characters have some kind of superpower (obviously) and they’re magical af!

Christina is a pre-graphic design major at Auburn University.
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